Magnolia: An Elegant Evergreen & Flowering Tree

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 2/26/16, 2:00 PM
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Looking to add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape this spring? Look no further than the always popular Magnolia. A symbol of the South, the Magnolia is an eye-catching tree with its striking foliage, spreading and large canopy, creamy white fragrant blooms, and elegant evergreen appearance. 

For all the great variety the Magnolia has, it is more known and famous for its very showy white blossoms and the beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. The flowers are large, cup-shaped, and dot the tree in the spring and early summer months. 

The Magnolia is a moderate growing tree that is large enough to provide shade as well as a beautiful focal point. They tend to look more pyramidal in shape when they are young, and don’t be fooled by this appearance. Over time, the Magnolia’s natural spreading nature and large leaves create a great canopy for year-round shade. A great investment for any landscape needing shade or even privacy from neighbors. 

Magnolias are easy to grow and they prosper in many conditions and thrive in our long summers. Best of all, they require minimal clean-up. 

The Magnolia is a classic tree that looks at its best when planted as a focal point in your landscape. This elegant evergreen’s beauty will last for years and will be a great addition to any landscape. 

Be sure to ask about our nursery professionals about our different varieties of Magnolias when your visit any of our MoonValley Nursery locations.

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