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We had a stressful summer and together we pulled through it. If you’ve got a battered landscape, the good news is that right now is one of the best times of the year to plant new trees, shrubs and a host of other plants! Our area is experiencing cooler days and evenings. And while this welcome change in the weather means we get to enjoy some cooler days and nights perfect for trick or treating or watching our Houston Texans football team, for our yards, it also allows the soil to hold the warmth of the summer. It can do all this without having to deal with soaring temperatures above 100-degrees and a blisteringly hot sun - an ideal balance that can encourage root growth all season long, a touchdown for your yard!



Now is the time to adjust your watering schedule for the fall season, so be sure to adjust the timer for your landscape, if applicable. Since we have cooler nights and days, the ground is going to be able to retain moisture longer, which means that going forward you can use less water. Of course, this doesn't mean that the amount of water used should be lessened. No, what it means is that you'll be watering your lawn less. For Waterwise/Low Water varieties you’ll want to water 1 time and do this every 10 days. For Moderate Water Use Varieties water 1 time every 10 days (New Trees, water 2x a week). And for Topical Varieties, water 1 time per week (New Trees, water 2x a week). Click here to read up on our Watering Guide Schedule.


Proper watering is the deep and thorough saturation of the entire root system, allowing it to dry between watering.


Are you looking to add instant color to your landscape? Planting fall annuals, such as Pansies, Snapdragons, and Mums are an excellent way to add instant eye-catching color to your yard! Feel free to plant them in containers, use them indoors, for patios, gardens and in your landscape so that they can add even more color and texture to your surroundings! Visit your local Moon Valley Nurseries location and pick some up today!


Let's face it, the weather is cooler, so it's time to remove those weeds now! Don't let those weeds settle, visit Moon Valley Nurseries today, where you'll find all the things you need for preventing weeds! Now is also a great time for using pre-emergent herbicides. Spray these now to help prevent new weeds from forming during falls rains and doing this can also help lessen and prevent weeds in the spring. We stock what you need, including mulch, which we recommend adding to areas to reduce the number of sprouting weeds.


We never tire of telling people and stressing the importance of fertilizing everything on your landscape. And by everything we mean all of your trees, flowers, vegetables, and of course, your lawn. Using the proper fertilizer during this crucial time ensures optimal growth. We like to utilize Moon Juice, the best root enhancer on the market today and believe that it should be a staple in every home and used on all your trees, flowers, vegetables and other plants all year long. We carry the best fertilizers for our area such as Moon Dust, Moon Green, and Palm Juice. These fertilizers can be used right now for turf, palms, shade trees, and more! Get things fertilized now for the second growing season and doing this will also get them hardy and prepared for the upcoming winter! Click here to see all of our fertilizers that you can pick up at any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations throughout the Houston area!


everything is starting to grow again, so it is also a good time to start thinking ahead about proper care and trimming. After all, your beautiful landscape is a wise investment so you’ll want to protect it. During this time of the year, we recommend trimming off any dead or anything damaged by the sun, and let’s face it, we had a hot summer! Cut back any excessive branches that might have been damaged by summer storms. It is also a good practice to clean all of our citrus and fruit trees of unwanted suckers.

What to Plant:

Red Push Pistache


Do you love fall color? If so, you’ll love Red Push Pistache trees. This deciduous tree is an improved variety that’s guaranteed to produce eye-catching fire-engine red color in November! Since it’s deciduous, it lets in the warmth of the sun in winter and once summer rolls along, its broad spreading canopy can provide some cooling shade relief. Improve any landscape with this tree that can get nice and big if you let it! 

Live Oak


If you’re looking for a tree that adds lots of shade, you cannot go wrong with a Live Oak tree! They are also an excellent choice as a durable standalone specimen and when planted in rows, they can create the best natural privacy screen you’ll find anywhere! These stately trees keep their attractive dark green foliage all year long. 

Shumard red Oak


This large-sized tree has attractive foliage that changes with the season! It features bright yellow leaves in the spring, dark green leaves in the summer and yellow to red leaves in the fall! It’s a deciduous tree so that it can let the sun in during the winter and block out the blistering sun in the summer! 

Piru Queen Palm


An excellent palm for use as a focal point! We grow these exclusively so that they will have thicker, harder trunks, and greener fronds with fuller crowns, for a look that is sure to add a tropically effect to any landscape. These beauties are extremely well-suited for our climate as they are custom grown to be extra hardy in heat or cold. 


Tipu Tree


You want shade? One of the best shade trees you’ll find anywhere is the Tipuana tipu tree! These colorful flowering trees can grow to be medium to large-sized trees and from late spring to early summer, put on quite the spectacle when the golden blooms arrive, contrasting beautifully with its feathery bright-bluish green foliage that you have to see to believe! These are useful trees suitable for a wide range of landscape designs, from tropical to low-water use landscapes! 

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