Top Reasons To Plant In The Fall Season

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 10/13/16 6:28 AM
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The fall season is finally here and with it comes the most ideal planting season for our region. If you've been thinking about adding that shade tree or shrub do not wait until the spring. Take advantage of the fall season's cool nights and warm soil.  It’s never too early to start planning for the fall planting season and our nursery experts have listed the top reasons to plant today and top trees to plant this fall. 


Get a jump start for explosive spring growth 

Not only are we lucky enough to wear shorts in the fall our ground usually never freezes, which allows us to take advantage of planting in the fall. The newly planted tree or shrub will face cold weather above ground this becoming dormant. However, below the ground the warmer soil allows the roots of the tree or shrub to grow for several months. When the spring season arrives, the tree or shrub will already have an established root system and can instead focus on explosive top growth. Compare to to the spring where a tree or shrub will experience top growth and will also be trying to establish a root system at the same time. And remember, this is all just weeks away from the summer heat. As an added bonus, trees with established root systems can handle drought much better. Plus, right now were offering free planting. Read more about our professional delivery and planting service



Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize 

The best and most ideal time to fertilize your landscape is in the fall because trees and shrubs are still growing underneath the soil. Colder temperatures are a signal to trees that they should stop top growth and focus on root development. Fertilizing witMoon Valley Nurseries’ Super Charged Moon Juice and Moon Dust Organic Blend allows organic enzymes and amino acids to stimulate new root hair growth and stronger cell development while helping the tree grow faster and recover quicker from stressful events. These essential nutrients will be absorbed by the root system of your tree. Your tree will then use these nutrients to grow its root system and ward of any disease in the fall. Excess nutrients are then stored in the roots and will be available for vigorous top growth once spring arrives.



Future shade

We carry thousands of shade trees. If the summer sun was too much for an area on your landscape or even your home, do not wait until the spring. Planting now will allow the shade tree to grow a canopy of shade for that much needed area.



Below are a few trees our experts recommend for planting this month


Looking to add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape this spring? Look no further than the always popular Magnolia. A symbol of the South, the Magnolia is an eye-catching tree with its striking foliage, spreading and large canopy, creamy white fragrant blooms, and elegant evergreen appearance. The Magnolia is mostly known for its showy white blossoms and beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. Magnolias are easy to grow and they thrive in our long summers. 



Purple Leaf Plum

If you want to turn heads on your landscape, the Purple Leaf Plum is an excellent pick. This deciduous tree features magnificent deep-purple foliage and breathtaking blooms of puffy pink flowers in early spring. Though it can be planted alone, the Purple Leaf Plum really stands out in accent locations and against green backdrops, allowing its purple foliage to really stand out. It's cold and heat tolerant and as an ornamental tree, the Purple Leaf Plum produces no fruit and practically no litter. An excellent addition to any space where strong color is desired.




Looking to create a massive canopy of shade? Look no further than the Tipu tree. This water-wise, semi-evergreen has become a popular choice in the Western U.S. for its rapid growth and eye-catching apricot yellow flowers during the summer. In just a few years, the Tipu can reach heights of 25 feet quickly creating massive canopies of shade for your home, patio, home playground, or to protect the other plants in your yard from the summer sun. This tree requires little maintenance and it performs well in many soil and drought-like conditions.



Piru Queen Palm

Queen palms are the height of tropical beauty and appeal in just about any landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries' Piru Queen Palm variety is custom grown to be the benchmark for both durability and appearance for tougher growing climates. Grown from specific Argentine seedlings with superior genetic traits, Piru Queen Palms feature wider trunks, thicker crowns, and greener fronds then other queen palms. Our Piru Queen Palms are exposed to hot summers, cold winters, and dry climates to promote drought tolerance and water retention. The result of these growing conditions produces a palm that is better conditioned to extreme weather cycles, frost periods, and drought situations. 


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