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Top 3 Ways to Recover from Summer

Posted by Arica Harrison on 8/24/18 7:49 AM


This summer has been a hot one and we are all looking forward to cooler days and nights. But at this moment, your trees and plants need help recovering from the summer and help getting ready for fall! After consistently high temperatures, our landscapes need a little extra loving. But how can we help our yards recover? We have asked our nursery professionals and here are their top three ways to help our landscapes recover from the summer.


  1. Moon Juice and Soil & Water Conditioner

Are your plants looking a bit yellow and wilting? Has the summer sun gotten the better of your landscape? Both are true for many of us in the Houston area. The best way to help recover from stressors like the heat, and to help your trees and plants grow healthy, is to use fertilizers. Fertilizers are made to help trees, palms, and other plants to regain their health. Healthy trees and plants will handle the changing weather much better than those weakened by heat stress. Moon Valley Nursery’s Soil & Water Conditioner is the perfect primer for fertilizers. Our Soil & Water Conditioner helps soil provide more water to your trees and plants. This conditioner is a great for making sure your trees and plants get as many nutrients as possible. Our Super Charged Moon Juice is specially formulated with Furst liquid technology and includes a blend of organic enzymes and amino acids that help stimulate the growth of trees and plants; it also supports new root hair growth which helps plants increase moisture intake. Create a thriving, healthy landscape – fertilize your trees, palms, and plants.

  1. Watering

We can’t forget about watering, which seems like a simple thing. Watering is one of the most important aspects in keeping your trees and plants healthy. You want to make sure you are watering the correctly. Proper watering is the deep and thorough saturation of the entire root system and allowing it to dry between waterings. You want to make sure you are not over-watering as we transition from summer to fall. Soon, we will have shorter days and cooler nights; and many people do not change their watering amount. Don’t be one of them. We will need to switch our water systems from summer to fall settings as it starts to cool down. While it is still hot, early mornings or late evenings are the best times for watering. How much you should water and how often depends on the size and age of the tree, palm, or plant. Click here to see our watering chart.

  1. Tree Care

Summer can be rough on our trees, palms, and plants. And not all of our landscape materials will survive the stressors of the high Texas heat. No landscape looks good with dead or damaged materials; so, take the time to clean up those damaged trees and make way for new growth. By doing so, your landscape will start to look fresh and clean. Don’t prune newly planted trees or palms, those can wait until the cooler weather officially arrives.


Even though summer hasn’t officially left us yet, it’s a great time to get ready for fall. By applying fertilizer and watering correctly, your trees and plants will not only recover but they will start to thrive. Our knowledgeable nursery pros are ready to answer any questions and can help you select the right way to fix up your yard. Why not start planning for fall? Fall is a beautiful season that bring some new colors to your landscape. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer a variety of custom grown trees and plants that will bring stunning fall colors to your home. And now it the time to take advantage of our current Labor Day deal and get your yard looking great. Order new additions or replacements and book your fall planting date today – times are filling up!

No matter how hard your landscape was hit by the sweltering Texas heat, Moon Valley Nurseries is here to help. Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nursery location and see what we have to offer! Come and pick up some Moon Juice to get your yard thriving again!

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