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Top Trees To Plant In The Winter

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 12/1/16 7:01 AM
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The winter season has finally arrived. It's time to dust off the Christmas lights, prepare your home for holiday visitors, and plant in your landscape..and yes, we're serious! Houston is unlike the majority of the country who face freezing temperatures which preventing planting. Because our soil does not freeze over we are still able to plant in ideal conditions. This is because the soil will retain warmth while the outside temperature plunges. With a warmer soil newly planted trees will spend the winter months establishing their root system before spring growth and especially those hot summer days. 

Take advantage of this ideal season to plant. Trees planted now will look fantastic in the spring. Below are our top picks to plant in the Houston winter. 




Looking to add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape this spring? Look no further than the always popular Magnolia. A symbol of the South, the Magnolia is an eye-catching tree with its striking foliage, spreading and large canopy, creamy white fragrant blooms, and elegant evergreen appearance. The Magnolia is mostly known for its showy white blossoms and beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. Magnolias are easy to grow and they thrive in our long summers. 




The Carrotwood is named for the carrot-like appearance that this tree gives when planted into the ground. Commonly grown as a multi-trunk tree, these trunks and branches tend to funnel inward, producing the 'stem' of the carrot, while the dark, dense evergreen canopy represents the leaves waiting to be plucked from the ground. The Carrotwood is an ideal evergreen solution in Houston, as it takes well to clay-type soils and high moisture environments. The Carrotwood is a great alternative to the common Oaks seen throughout Houston, as they're just about as reliable, but with a look unlike anything else in your landscape.



Carolina Cherry

Native to North Carolina and Texas, the Carolina Cherry has become a popular ornamental tree for many homeowners across Houston. The Carolina Cherry has a natural upright conical shape and its adaptability to pruning makes it a great foliage plant that can be pruned into other shapes as well. It is drought and heat tolerant, and requires minimal watering once established. Its foliage is dark green and it blooms small, creamy white flowers in the spring. 


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