The Best Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb in Your Family

The Best Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb in Your Family

By Kyla Stewart on October, 16 2019

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Kyla Stewart

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re the family green thumb. But then, you probably aren’t the only one, since gardening is a lot more popular than many people realize. From a few miniature pots on the windowsill to sprawling gardens, folks just like having plants around. 

Even little water features, like the ones at Aquatic Ponds are gaining popularity. They got cool stuff Aquatic Ponds, with all the gizmos and stuff right at your fingertips for ease of choice when it comes to giving great gifts to pond-loving gardeners. 



The Techie Type and the Traditionalist

High on the checklist when you’re thinking about gift ideas for a green-thumbed family member is exactly what kind of gardener they are. Some folks prefer to do things the way they always have done and balk at the modern and technological side of things. 

Others will be very keen on soil PH readers, moisture meters, and a host of other innovations. For the traditionalist, you might think about whether their gloves need replacing or whether perhaps a new pair of pruning shears might work well. 

These kinds of distinctions will be obvious when you know someone well, so they’ll have to be something you decide on. On the other hand, it’s also possible that you could influence someone to try something a bit unfamiliar. Introducing novelty can be a very good thing.


There Are Always those Accessories

No matter what kind of gardener you have in mind, there’s always room to accessorize. Pots and potting soil are two perennial favorites, and they’re seemingly always in short supply in the plant lover’s shed. 

The same is true for all kinds and sizes of spades, forks, shears, hats, boots, and whatever else is under our nourishing sun! Another neat trick is to try to combine things in a fun and interesting way. 

For example, opting for a gardening accessory with a thematic angle could work wonderfully. If your green-thumbed relative also happens to like butterflies, say, then a butterfly-themed set of garden features could really be a double winner as a gift. 


Try Something Totally New!

For the more adventurous of spirit, there’s the possibility of foray into the totally new. Hydroponic and aquaponic gardening is a booming area for horticulturists, opening up new ways to grow pretty much any plant, regardless of local conditions. 

There are also exotic choices for the gardener who is keen on learning about different cultural traditions. There are Asian forms of horticulture, for example, which differ quite strongly from the more western kinds. This could even be a learning adventure! 

There’s some initial layout for these new forms of gardening, but the rewards are there too. You never know; you could be opening up a new and fulfilling area in someone’s life by introducing these forms as a gift to them. 

You could start small at first, just to see if the idea takes root, and go from there. A really lovely idea might be to buy a book on these topics, to generate a discussion. You might even find yourself getting roped into the whole thing yourself.


Summarising Thoughts

Like gift giving, gardening and botany can be highly personal and individual. That means you’re probably going to have to put some genuine thought into it, which is what makes gifts meaningful, in the end. 

A really big part of that is paying attention. Noticing what your gardening relative talks about, or keeping an eye on what they’re busy within the garden, can prove to be the trick to getting the gift that they’ll always remember. You can’t beat that personal touch! 

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