Tips For Buying & Caring For Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Tips For Buying & Caring For Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

By Felipe Benavides on December, 1 2016
Christmas Trees

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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.


There’s nothing quite like a freshly-cut Christmas tree to trigger the senses of the most wonderful time of the year. A fresh-cut tree fills the home with the sublime aroma that defines the Holiday Season. Of course, most of this is lost on old, wilted trees that are often found on many of the big box tree lots. This is because many big box tree lots sell trees that were cut weeks before.

Here’s the good news - Moon Valley Nurseries express-ships premium quality, real Christmas trees from our sustainable farms within 48 hours of cutting! In fact, our environmentally friendly trees are fresh-shipped on a daily basis, from sustainably grown Christmas tree plantations in the Pacific Northwest.  We take pride in supporting USA grown, local tree farmers and sustainable plantations that support local agriculture.

At our Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas tree lots, you’ll find premium, fresh-cut trees such as our Noble Firs, Grand Firs, and Dougas Firs. Our freshly-cut Christmas trees are kept in water, so you’re guaranteed to get healthy, upright trees with perky needles and an aroma that is sure to please the household.

Tips for Buying Fresh Cut Trees

  • Buy from a reputable tree lot - Moon Valley Nurseries tree lots have express-shipped trees delivered from our farms to our lots within 48 hours of cutting.
  • Support local, USA grown tree farmers – freshly-cut Christmas trees are farmed specifically for their purpose and support local agriculture.
  • When buying, trees should feel heavy, so compare the weight of the trees (you don’t have to completely lift the tree)
  • Let your nose be your guide – fresh cut trees have an unmistakable, pleasing aroma.
  • If there are lots of needles on the ground around the trees, go someplace else.
  • To check a tree’s freshness, pull your hand towards you along the branch. When you do this, the needles should not fall off.

Tips for Caring for the Fresh Cut Tree at Home

  • Water is the vital element to caring for the Christmas tree in your home.
  • Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled. A freshly-cut tree can consume a gallon of water in 24 hours.
  • Never let the water level go below the tree’s base.
  • Keep the tree away from heater vents or other heat sources. The lower the temperature, the better the tree will do.
  • Place the tree in a dark, shady spot in the home.
  • Use professional tree preservatives, do not use sugar or soda pop.

Visit one of our Christmas Tree lots for the freshest trees at the lowest prices – guaranteed! Our super fresh trees are express shipped within 48 hours of cutting, so you know you are getting the absolute freshest trees available. Our Christmas trees and lots have been a family tradition for thousands of families for over 20 years. We are sure to have the perfect Christmas Tree for you and your family waiting in our lots! We carry all of the major varieties like Noble Firs, Douglas Firs, Grand Firs, Fraser Firs and more, in sizes that range from 3 to 15 feet!

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