Why Planting Trees is Important: Earth Day, Every Day!

Why Planting Trees is Important: Earth Day, Every Day!

By Felipe Benavides on April, 19 2018
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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

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earth_1Copyright: 1xpert / 123RF Stock Photo

Plant a tree for Earth Day! Sometimes we need a little reminder that this blue planet we are on is vulnerable and that we have a responsibility to contribute to a healthier earth. Started in 1970, with April 22 being the designated date, Earth Day is something we can practice every day. We make it easy! Moon Valley Nurseries has trees available that can positively affect the environment! Celebrate Earth Day, every day!


Plant More Trees and Help our Environment


It is no secret that trees help the environment. We can think of trees as being the lungs of our planet. Trees create the air we breathe and filter air pollution. Plant more trees, it is one of the best things we can do for our local environment, and for our planet. Planting trees can improve our quality of life, too. The more we plant, the better!

  • Trees improve air quality. Trees produce oxygen. They store carbon to counteract the harmful byproducts of fossil-fuel burning.
  • Trees can clean the air by trapping dust, pollen, and other pollutants.
  • Trees can moderate the effects of sun and wind.
  • Planting trees in the proper place around homes and buildings can greatly reduce air-conditioning costs. Reduced air-conditioning use means less Freon, which is known to have a damaging effect on the ozone layer.
  • A tree can increase property value.
  • Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife.
  • Trees can make people feel good.
  • Landscapes full of trees can relax us, as well as help lower heart rates and reduce stress levels.
  • Trees can create shade!



Have Trees Professionally Planted for You


At Moon Valley Nurseries, Earth Day is every day. We plant trees daily! We custom-grow everything at our farms and nurseries so that they can thrive in our local climate. Best of all, we can professionally plant the best trees on earth for you! Below are some perfect trees to plant for Earth Day, and every day! Keep Phoenix beautiful, plant more trees!

arizona_ashArizona Ash: This ash tree variety can withstand hot and dry conditions, so it is an ideal shade tree for the Phoenix area! This deciduous tree is seedless, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of landscape applications. Specimen size trees can provide a natural umbrella of shade that can create a restful spot in your yard. Proper planting around a home can provide enough shade to lower the temperatures in your home, which can reduce AC use and make our planet happy! Plus, in the winter, these trees allow the warmth of the sun to hit your home! 


Berrinda-AshBerrinda Ash: We love this ash variety for its ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions in the summer and winter months. It can grow into a near-perfect shape. You will want to have this tree planted in your yard during the warmer months – it can provide dense cooling shade! Homeowners also appreciate the fact that it is seedless and requires little maintenance. In the fall, the small, dark-green leaves turn to a vibrant gold or bright yellow color! Add instant curb appeal and improve the look of your landscape with a Berrinda Ash tree.




Chinese ElmChinese Elm ‘True Green’: Bring maximum shade coverage to your yard by planting a specimen size Chinese Elm tree! The wide, umbrella-shaped canopy provides a massive amount of shade. Homeowners in Arizona can plant the ‘True Green’ strain, an attractive semi-evergreen with small, deep green leaves and an upright, rounded growth habit that looks fantastic in any situation. Families love this tree as it can create an idyllic picnic spot for celebrating Earth Day every day of the year. It likes growing in full sun and enjoys hot areas, so it is a perfect tree for Phoenix!




tipu tree bloomsTipu: Your search for a colorful shade tree ends here! Tipuana tipu trees are fast-growing trees capable of providing plenty of shade. This beauty is quite useful for all kinds of landscape applications. Feathery, bright bluish-green foliage and fissured bark texture add to its striking good looks. In the spring, a coat of golden blooms appears, creating a picturesque landscape scene that is sure to attract all the right attention. These trees thrive in intense desert heat, so they are perfect shade trees for any Phoenix area property!




indian_laurel_arizonaIndian Laurel: These evergreen trees have been a favorite in the Phoenix area for many years. It is easy to see why so many homeowners love to plant them on their property – they can add instant shade, privacy, and beauty! We like to use them as a privacy hedge to block unwanted views in style. During those hot, sunny days you will be running for cover under its wide spreading canopy. We also like to plant them near busy streets because they can act as a natural sound barrier. Ask any of our nursery pros about properly planting them around a home to reduce temperatures inside the house.

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