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What are Coastal Aspen Trees?

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 9/12/2017

Southern California, what’s not to love about where we live – we have a beautiful ocean and coastline, sprawling mountains, and living deserts as well as the beautiful trees and other plants that thrive here. One thing that is not so common around here is aspen tree species. That’s ok though because the aspen-like trees we do have more than make up for it - the Coastal Aspen or Dalbergia sissoo (Sissoo Tree) is one such beauty. When you close your eyes and listen to the light green leaves quivering in a breeze, it is easy to imagine an aspen tree. Of course, once you open your eyes you can bask in the beauty of a medium to large landscape tree that is the majestic Sissoo.

Plant Coastal Aspen In Southern California

coastal_aspen_sissoo_treeDalbergia sissoo is drought tolerant and grows fast so that you will not be waiting too long to have a big tree in your yard. In just a few years after planting, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful, large shade tree complete with the bright green foliage and the massive amount of shade coverage you want in the summertime heat! This semi-evergreen tree with the light-colored bark and attractive foliage really does look much like an aspen tree, which is why we like to call them the Coastal Aspen! As you can tell by the name, these trees are suitable for growing near Southern California coastal communities, from Coronado to Santa Barbara and they absolutely love growing in full sun, bringing the cool coastal vibe to the hot inland areas. These are picturesque trees that offer a lovely and shady picnic spot that is ideal for families or simply enjoying some peaceful solitude in natural surroundings.

sissoo_tree_Yes, the shade they provide is a definite welcome relief, especially in the blazing sun. You know what else is really cool? If you have the skill set, this tree, which is also called Indian Rosewood features high-quality timber so that it is a top choice for making fine furniture, cabinetry, and even guitars! Plant one in your landscape, this is a fast-growing tree, so you will have the lumber you need to get started on a cool, creative project in no time at all. Of course, if you plan to use this tree for more than adding beauty and shade, such as honing your luthier skills or building custom furniture, be sure to trim and cut correctly. After all, you want the tree to grow back properly with a strong canopy spread that can reduce the temperature inside a hot room and produce that shady relief you want. The good news is that with regular maintenance, anyone can keep this tropical tree healthy and beautiful! We recommend using pruning shears to remove lower branches. Doing this will help it develop a strong canopy that is high off the ground.

Streets lined with trees are an attraction in any neighborhood. Everyone loves the sight of big trees, towering over streets, shading hot spots and adding greenery too. Plant specimens and use them to help clean the air too! These aspen-like trees are sure to fit right in with most any neighborhood, whether you live in the suburbs, beach towns, or uptown. And while an actual Populus tree may be difficult to grow around here, we can grow something that rivals and may even surpass that kind of tree – the Coastal Aspen Sissoo tree!

Here is what you get with a Coastal Aspen:sissoo_trees

  • A medium to large tree with an aspen-like appearance
  • Bright green foliage
  • A broad spreading canopy that creates a ton of shade!
  • A very fast growing tree
  • A drought tolerant tree that can grow in sandy, clay, and loam soil types
  • Beautiful dark brown wood often used to make fine furniture, cabinets, guitars!

Moon Valley Nursery grows and nurtures these aspen-like trees on our farms, value engineered so that you get the most for your money! Take advantage of our #freeplanting so that you can beautify your property with our specimen trees and more! A big and majestic tree is ready to adorn the perfect spot in your yard today!

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