5 Reasons to Plant Now

5 Reasons to Plant Now

By Walt Conrad on February, 6 2015

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Walt Conrad

Walt has extensive background in landscape design and trees and plants native to the Soutwest. He loves spending time in the nurseries and helping customers find solutions to their landscape problems.

7498510_orig Now is the time to start thinking Spring.

With the weather warming up the spring planting season is officially here. Right now is the absolute best time to get your landscape looking its best. With daytime temps creeping into the 80’s your trees and plants are ready to explode with growth. One way to jump start that growth is by fertilizing them to ensure they get the most out of the spring growing season. 

Early spring gives us plenty to take advantage of in our yards.  Here are the 5 reasons you should plant now.

  1. With all the rain over the last few weeks the soil is primed for planting season. Good moisture in the soil helps roots establish quicker and aids in nutrient penetration

  2. Planting now allows your trees and plants to establish before the hot summer months. You're also giving those shade trees you plan on planting enough time to grow and establish so you're home and wallet can benefit from massive shade canopies. 

  3. Truck loads of trees, palms, shrubs and more are arriving daily from our farms. All of our nurseries are being stocked with spring ready varieties so you know you are getting the best selection for your yard

  4. Properly planting shade trees around you home and yard can significantly cool down the area and help you save on utility bills. Talk to one of our tree and plant design experts for a free consultation. 

  5. Moon Valley Nurseries guarantees the lowest price on the highest quality trees, palms, plants and more with expert nursery pros to help you every step of the way!

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