Mosquito Control for Your Yard

Mosquito Control for Your Yard

By Sal Bracale on August, 16 2019

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Sal Bracale

Battling Mosquitoes in Arizona

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A common concern our customers bring up this time of year is the number of mosquitoes that are taking over their yard. It becomes a bigger problem during the monsoon season because of all the extra rain we receive and the humidity.

While the problem can be very annoying, and sometimes downright frustrating, it is almost always an easy problem to fix. The most likely culprit is standing water somewhere around your home.

Look for Standing Water Around Your Home

The standing water could come from anywhere so inspect your home for even tiny amounts of water collecting somewhere. Even the smallest amount of water will make the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Some common places to check are areas in your lawn that might have soil issues, therefore not letting the water absorb into the ground quickly enough or your irrigation system for potential leaks allowing water to build up and collect.

After the rainstorms, make sure to check any buckets that were left outside or any trash cans that may have collected water. Those will need to be emptied out once the rain is over.

If Mosquitoes are Laying Eggs

Areas that are often overlooked when thinking of what might be causing the issue are water features in your landscape. A pool will be less of a concern since most pool owners apply chemicals regularly to maintain a clean environment, but many people do not use any type of chemicals for their fountains or other water features. There are chemicals, with organic options, that get the job done.mosquitodonut

On using chemical products –

They work very well and will help kill and get rid of larva.- Sal Bracale, VP of Arizona Operations and Nursery Expert

Treating areas with the proper chemical products will make a big difference because you are destroying the eggs before they can hatch. Every time a mosquito lays eggs, it can lay between 100-200 eggs, also called a “clutch”. They can lay up to five clutches in a lifetime (about five weeks), which means you could potentially have 1000 mosquitoes hatching on your property in a month. The best solution is to target any areas that a mosquito would even THINK about laying eggs.

Once you start limiting the number of mosquitoes, your outdoor spaces will become a more enjoyable living space.

If your problem has gotten too out of control to handle on your own, there are professional services that can help take care of the infestation. Professional pest control companies offer services specifically for mosquito control such as powerful formulas that are sprayed, fogged, or distributed through a mist system.

There are many options to choose from based on your needs. One option we recommend is using a product named 'Mosquito Dunks'. (pictured above).

How to Deter Mosquitoes from Your Yard

No matter what you do, you probably can’t avoid having a few mosquitoes pop into your yard (possibly coming from your neighbor’s home). There a few natural mosquito repellent ideas we recommend to our customers that you can do to make sure your patio and other social areas around your yard are mosquito-free.


Using mosquito candles are one line of defense to keep the insects away from you while you are outside. The candle burns off oils that repel the bugs away but works in a very limited range. It is nice to have two to three candles placed around seating areas for more protection.

Another great way to defend against them is to add mosquito repellent plants around your yard and especially around areas where you and your family spend the most time outside, such as the patio or around the pool. Two great choices to add are live citronella plants and lemongrass. They are easy to plant, grow well, smell great, and keep those big mosquitoes away. If you want to add more of a variety of plants, also consider lavender (pictured), rosemary, garlic, and peppermint. You will also find all these plants in most natural insect repellent products!

Questions? Visit Moon Valley Nurseries Today!

For more questions or concerns about mosquitoes in your yard, best plants to get rid of them, or how to design your yard to be mosquito-free, visit us at the location nearest to you or schedule a consultation today.


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