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Gummosis in The Arizona Summer

One common disease that occurs in Arizona, especially during the summer, when we experience extreme heat for a few weeks, is called Gummosis. What is ...

landscape tips

Learn more about Gall Disease in Arizona

Plant and Tree Disease - Gall FAQ One of the popular topics we get asked about at the nursery is plant diseases that could be a problem for our area. ...


Agave Health and Insecticides

Preventing Insects on your Agave One of the common questions we get from customers is how to treat agave that have grubs and mature agave weevils taki...

Homegrown Fruit and Citrus Trees

Growing and Harvesting Fruit Trees in the Desert

Growing Stone Fruit Trees A really common question we get with customers is how to grow fruit trees in our desert region. When we say fruit trees, we ...


Mosquito Control for Your Yard

Battling Mosquitoes in Arizona A common concern our customers bring up this time of year is the number of mosquitoes that are taking over their yard. ...