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Nectarine Tree Spotlight

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Nectarines grow here? Yes they do! We love to see the look on our customers face when they realize they can walk out into their yard and pick the best nectarines straight off of their tree. This small deciduous tree will offer show-stopping bright pink blooms every spring. These trees have been grown locally and are a low-chill cultivar. This means that you will get fruit every year regardless of how cold the winter might be that year. Be sure to learn more from our Nursery Professional below as he talks about the delicious nectarine!



Nectarines guys, It’s one of the best stone fruit you could possibly own whether its blooming, its beautiful flower in the Spring time or producing the amazing fruit that it does I mean those fruit are sweet, they’re known for how juicy of a fruit they are and the fact that they’re a huge antioxidant producer. We carry multiple varieties whether it’s the Double Delight or the Desert Delight they absolutely thrive here in Arizona. It’s a really good fruit that requires low chill hours so it will produce here in Arizona and it will produce a ton for you. If you like Nectarines the best place to come to them is straight to the moon. You’re absolutely going to love that tree. They have a beautiful white pinkish flower in the Springtime and then produce a ton fruit you’re really going to like these Nectarines come see them. 

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