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Why fall is the best time to plant

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 9/23/2019

Fall Planting is Here!


As the rest of the country gets ready for a long cold winter, we get to start enjoying some of our most beautiful, mildest weather of the year. Now that summer is fading into the background weather conditions become ideal for trees and plants to establish their new roots and gather sunlight to create optimum growth. Since the long summer has just ended and our soil doesn’t freeze through, planting trees now gives them the absolute maximum amount of time to get growing and establish a strong root system before the next summer arrives!

Nearly all varieties of trees and palms grow quite a bit during the fall and winter season. Not only is it a great time to plant, but by doing so, you will be ahead of the game once spring comes. Even for fruit trees, planting in the fall practically ensures a better first crop next spring, since the trees will be established by then and can focus energy on production, instead of recovering from being planted. Since the fall season is a big growing season for us, it is also a crucial time to fertilize all trees and palms. Our custom Moon Valley Nurseries brand fertilizers and nutrients are designed for our local growing conditions and engineered to be applied all year round. Get in as soon as you can and talk with one of our nursery experts to select the best trees, palms, plants, fertilizers and more for this fall season!

raywood-3All Ash Varieties

The wide variety of Ash trees that is available and thrive here are all best planted during the fall season. Whether you seek shade, privacy, or even fall color, there’s an ash tree for you!Check with your Moon Valley nursery pro to see which ash you should be planting now.

Tipu tree

tipu-6For sheer speed and amazing shade, the Tipu delivers both along with an amazing show of golden flowers in fall season. If you want to maximize all of these attributes during the first year of growth, make sure to plant in the





Chinese “Red Push” Pistache

This tree is perfect for fall planting because it gives a brilliant, red fall foliage display while making its curtain call for the year. By planting in the fall, you get this show in your yard plus the tree gets established and ready to erupt with new growth in the spring!




Citrus and Fruit

When planted in fall, all fruit and citrus benefit from utilizing the fall season to go through a transplant and get their bearings so that all of their strength is dedicated to fruit production come springtime.





Chinese Tru Green Elm

Elms are one of the best and fastest growing shade trees we enjoy in our area. To get the widest, densest shade as soon as possible, plant larger specimen trees but definitely plant during the fall.

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Plum Trees in the Southwest

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Are you looking for a super juicy, delicious fruit? Well look no further, our Plum trees are one of the greatest stone fruit that can produce out here in Arizona. It’s super low water; high-yield fruit. You get a ton of fruit on them and they produce throughout the summer time.



 Moon Valley Nursery has exclusive stone fruit that requires low chill hours so you’re going to get a ton of fruit on these guys out here in the Southwest United States that’s what they’re grown for that what we grow them for being Moon Valley Nurseries you cut out the middle man with our plum trees. They’re going to grow the juiciest fruit you’re ever going to have. They’re going to be one of the easiest trees you’re ever to have to take care of. They love full sun. They thrive in those kinds of situations, but they can absolutely take full sun low water and just enjoy your fruit guys the Santarosa Plum is a plum that they provide out here and it’s great for all of the Southwest United States. It’s the one that we grow specifically her in Arizona.

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Grow Your Own Peach Trees

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

If hearing the phrase "peach pie" does not make you want to have this tree in your yard, I don't know what will. Nothing is better than walking out in your yard and collecting the best peaches right off your personal tree. Our peach trees are locally grown and ready to produce tasty fruit for you year over year. Learn more from our expert Nursery Professional as he talks more about the peach tree.

We’re talking about stone fruit guys specifically peach trees. Peach trees are a self-fruiting, deciduous tree that thrives out here in Phoenix. A lot of people don’t realize that you can even grow stone fruit out here but Moon Valley Nursery we grow exclusive stone fruit that’s going to require less chill hours and actually provide fruit out here in Arizona. They are beautiful smaller trees with a canopy on them they’re easy to grow, easy to care for if you’re not eating your fruit throughout the Spring and Summer you’re going to be enjoying the beautiful blooms that they provide for you in the Spring time. Stone fruit is absolutely one of the prettiest trees you could own it just thrives out here very, very pretty we have them in different varieties you’ll love your peach tree.

Growing Arizona Sweet and Navel Oranges

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to plant these in your yard? Not my best knock knock joke but orange trees are some of our favorite trees to plant in your yard. Our varieties are semi-dwarf so you can fit these in any yard. Learn more about oranges from our expert Nursery Pro.

We’re going to talk about Orange Trees in specific whether it’s a Navel Orange or an Arizona Sweet. You come to Moon Valley Nursery to get your citrus. Why? Because Moon Valley Nursery has an exclusive rootstock - the Carrizo rootstock. It’s certified to give you a bigger, juicier fruit than any other root stock. It’s a root stock that is specifically meant for the Southwest United States and no where else. You’re absolutely going to love it. It thrives out here. Everyone knows citrus whether its and easy peeling Navel or sliced to make some orange juice, sweet orange. Moon Valley Nursery has everyone beat in the citrus because of our exclusive process in how we grow it the root stock how we maintain them your going to absolutely love it. Come here, please come and try our citrus. You can take it right off the tree and try it before you get it. You’re going to love it.

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Oleander Spotlight

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Oleanders are the resilient hedge that you can plant. We have multiple different types of oleanders from hedges, shrubs, and trees! These make for great plants to use as a hedge for privacy, a filler to soften up a section of the yard, or if you need a medium-sized bright flower tree. Learn more about why our Nursery Pro loves Oleander and how you can enjoy these plants in your yard.

Oleanders are amazing for hedges if you go around town some of the prettiest hedges your going to find are Oleanders with their pink, their red and their white blooms. They are just hardy; they are so drought tolerant. I mean people literally wean them off water within a year and they continue to be bullet proof it’s an amazing plant. You can’t think Phoenix Arizona and hedges and not think about Oleanders.

Nectarine Tree Spotlight

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 7/19/2019

Nectarines grow here? Yes they do! We love to see the look on our customers face when they realize they can walk out into their yard and pick the best nectarines straight off of their tree. This small deciduous tree will offer show-stopping bright pink blooms every spring. These trees have been grown locally and are a low-chill cultivar. This means that you will get fruit every year regardless of how cold the winter might be that year. Be sure to learn more from our Nursery Professional below as he talks about the delicious nectarine!



Nectarines guys, It’s one of the best stone fruit you could possibly own whether its blooming, its beautiful flower in the Spring time or producing the amazing fruit that it does I mean those fruit are sweet, they’re known for how juicy of a fruit they are and the fact that they’re a huge antioxidant producer. We carry multiple varieties whether it’s the Double Delight or the Desert Delight they absolutely thrive here in Arizona. It’s a really good fruit that requires low chill hours so it will produce here in Arizona and it will produce a ton for you. If you like Nectarines the best place to come to them is straight to the moon. You’re absolutely going to love that tree. They have a beautiful white pinkish flower in the Springtime and then produce a ton fruit you’re really going to like these Nectarines come see them. 

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Posted by Kyle Shipp on 9/5/2018


With fall just around the corner, we want to keep our yard growing healthy. Now is the time of year when everything on your landscape will need the essential micro and macro-nutrients to help them thrive all year long in our native soils. It doesn't matter what types of plants or trees you have on your landscape as palm trees, desert trees, tropical plants, fruit and citrus, shrubs, and evergreen trees all need these nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

With so many fertilizers on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find the correct one for your landscape. Fortunately, the nursery pros at Moon Valley Nurseries have eliminated the headaches and guessing game for you by developing highly specialized blends of fertilizer designed to trigger growth responses for our native soils. Our pros have been growing and planting trees and shrubs in our region for more than 40 years. These fertilizers have been time and tested, and our pros use all of these fertilizers on our thousand acre grow yards all year long.


Using the correct fertilizer is vital, and below are a handful of fertilizers that our pros recommend

moon_juice_fert_better_2Supercharged Moon Juice 

When to use: New planting, freeze/frost damage, wind/physical damage, and heat/summer stress

Our Supercharged Moon Juice was designed specifically for growing in the tough soils in our region. Every bottle of Moon Juice contains Furst Liquid technologies which include a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and amino acids to stimulate the growth signals within the plant. It increases nutrient uptake, promotes new growth, helps improve fertilizer efficiency, and it enhances the ability to ward off disease. Supercharged Moon Juice also contains the three most essential micro-nutrients required by nearly every tree and plant. Iron, Manganese, and Zinc is a part of Moon Juice because they are typically deficient in most warm weather soils. Also, thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B-1) is included for its beneficial effects on new plantings. Purchase here.


palm_juice_fertSuper Palm Juice

When to use: New planting, stressed or yellowing palms, heat stress

Our Super Palm Juice was created to fertilizer every palm in your landscape. Palms have special nutrient requirements, and the formula in our Super Palm Juice provides them with a variety of different major and micro-nutrients including potash, manganese, iron, sulfur, zinc, copper, and boron. This combination of nutrients provides well-balanced nourishment as they grow and mature. Also included in our Super Palm Juice is Furst Liquid technology, which triggers a natural response in the palm to allow it to take in more available nutrients in the soil. This reaction increases fertilizer efficiency, palm health, yield potential, and the overall quality of the palm. When used as directed, Super Palm Juice helps produce thicker, stronger trunks, while maintaining the fronds with a healthy, dark green appearance that results in lush, dense crowns. Purchase here.


moon_green_fertMoon Green

When to use: Reduce soil alkalinity, neutralize caliche or tight clay soil, make thick and fuller hedge plants, darker green leaves

Our Moon Green was created as a super easy and safe solution for yellowing trees and plants. Iron Chlorosis is a problem for many homeowners in our region, and Moon Green helps reduce soil alkalinity, neutralize caliche/tight clay type soils, and promotes darker and greener leaves and grass. Infusing Moon Green with Furst liquid brings the critical organic enzymes and amino acids that help stimulate the growth signals within plants. These nutrients help stimulate root hair growth and stronger cell development, allowing water and essential micronutrients to pass through to stems and leaves much more efficiently. Purchase here.


moon_dust_fertMoon Dust

When to use: Vigorous root growth, rich green leaves, strong new growth

Our Moon Dust Fertilizer is an organic blend developed especially for tough, compact alkaline soils. Moon Dust provides vital nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These are essential elements in a perfect horticultural ratio that will benefit all of the trees and plants in your landscape. Moon Dust helps trees and plants grow faster, stronger and flourish with less water, Citrus and fruit trees produce larger and tastier crops, Flowering shrubs have longer and more abundant bloom cycles and makes bedding plants and groundcovers more vibrant. Purchase here.


soil_conditioner_fertSoil & Water Conditioner

When to use: Reduce effects of salt present in water and soil, encourage deeper root growth, loosen the tight/heavy soil

One of the most challenging aspects of growing trees and plants in Arizona is the hard, compact soil and high Ph found in our soil and water. This alkaline condition prevents major and minor nutrients from converting into compounds that are available to living plant roots, and the compact soil prevents proper drainage of water. To counteract the problematic soil in our region, Moon Valley Nurseries has developed a Soil and Water Conditioner that contains two special elements: Sulfur reduces the high Ph by flushing out the excess salt buildup in the root system. The removal of the excess salt creates a soil base that converts nutrients easily. Gypsum is the other special element, and it will loosen soil leading to better drainage and healthier soils. Several applications per year will make a noticeable difference. Purchase here.

Remember to fertilize all your trees and plants monthly from now all the way through the fall. We know your landscape is an important investment for your home and family, and that’s why we’re always here to help – feel free to visit or call our nursery with any of your questions. Neglected trees are the most common cause of death, and healthy trees will withstand the elements much better. Taking just a few moments once a month to feed your trees is the easiest way to protect your investment…you wouldn’t let your pet starve, so why let your trees and plants? Click here to map a nursery location near you.

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