Grow Your Own Peach Trees

Grow Your Own Peach Trees

By Kyle Shipp on July, 19 2019

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If hearing the phrase "peach pie" does not make you want to have this tree in your yard, I don't know what will. Nothing is better than walking out in your yard and collecting the best peaches right off your personal tree. Our peach trees are locally grown and ready to produce tasty fruit for you year over year. Learn more from our expert Nursery Professional as he talks more about the peach tree.

We’re talking about stone fruit guys specifically peach trees. Peach trees are a self-fruiting, deciduous tree that thrives out here in Phoenix. A lot of people don’t realize that you can even grow stone fruit out here but Moon Valley Nursery we grow exclusive stone fruit that’s going to require less chill hours and actually provide fruit out here in Arizona. They are beautiful smaller trees with a canopy on them they’re easy to grow, easy to care for if you’re not eating your fruit throughout the Spring and Summer you’re going to be enjoying the beautiful blooms that they provide for you in the Spring time. Stone fruit is absolutely one of the prettiest trees you could own it just thrives out here very, very pretty we have them in different varieties you’ll love your peach tree.

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