Growing Arizona Sweet and Navel Oranges

Growing Arizona Sweet and Navel Oranges

By Kyle Shipp on July, 19 2019
Citrus and Fruit

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Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to plant these in your yard? Not my best knock knock joke but orange trees are some of our favorite trees to plant in your yard. Our varieties are semi-dwarf so you can fit these in any yard. Learn more about oranges from our expert Nursery Pro.

We’re going to talk about Orange Trees in specific whether it’s a Navel Orange or an Arizona Sweet. You come to Moon Valley Nursery to get your citrus. Why? Because Moon Valley Nursery has an exclusive rootstock - the Carrizo rootstock. It’s certified to give you a bigger, juicier fruit than any other root stock. It’s a root stock that is specifically meant for the Southwest United States and no where else. You’re absolutely going to love it. It thrives out here. Everyone knows citrus whether its and easy peeling Navel or sliced to make some orange juice, sweet orange. Moon Valley Nursery has everyone beat in the citrus because of our exclusive process in how we grow it the root stock how we maintain them your going to absolutely love it. Come here, please come and try our citrus. You can take it right off the tree and try it before you get it. You’re going to love it.
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