Plum Trees in the Southwest

Plum Trees in the Southwest

By Kyle Shipp on July, 19 2019
Citrus and Fruit

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Are you looking for a super juicy, delicious fruit? Well look no further, our Plum trees are one of the greatest stone fruit that can produce out here in Arizona. It’s super low water; high-yield fruit. You get a ton of fruit on them and they produce throughout the summer time.



 Moon Valley Nursery has exclusive stone fruit that requires low chill hours so you’re going to get a ton of fruit on these guys out here in the Southwest United States that’s what they’re grown for that what we grow them for being Moon Valley Nurseries you cut out the middle man with our plum trees. They’re going to grow the juiciest fruit you’re ever going to have. They’re going to be one of the easiest trees you’re ever to have to take care of. They love full sun. They thrive in those kinds of situations, but they can absolutely take full sun low water and just enjoy your fruit guys the Santarosa Plum is a plum that they provide out here and it’s great for all of the Southwest United States. It’s the one that we grow specifically her in Arizona.

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