Why fall is the best time to plant

Why fall is the best time to plant

By Kyle Shipp on September, 23 2019
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Fall Planting is Here!


As the rest of the country gets ready for a long cold winter, we get to start enjoying some of our most beautiful, mildest weather of the year. Now that summer is fading into the background weather conditions become ideal for trees and plants to establish their new roots and gather sunlight to create optimum growth. Since the long summer has just ended and our soil doesn’t freeze through, planting trees now gives them the absolute maximum amount of time to get growing and establish a strong root system before the next summer arrives!

Nearly all varieties of trees and palms grow quite a bit during the fall and winter season. Not only is it a great time to plant, but by doing so, you will be ahead of the game once spring comes. Even for fruit trees, planting in the fall practically ensures a better first crop next spring, since the trees will be established by then and can focus energy on production, instead of recovering from being planted. Since the fall season is a big growing season for us, it is also a crucial time to fertilize all trees and palms. Our custom Moon Valley Nurseries brand fertilizers and nutrients are designed for our local growing conditions and engineered to be applied all year round. Get in as soon as you can and talk with one of our nursery experts to select the best trees, palms, plants, fertilizers and more for this fall season!

raywood-3All Ash Varieties

The wide variety of Ash trees that is available and thrive here are all best planted during the fall season. Whether you seek shade, privacy, or even fall color, there’s an ash tree for you!Check with your Moon Valley nursery pro to see which ash you should be planting now.

Tipu tree

tipu-6For sheer speed and amazing shade, the Tipu delivers both along with an amazing show of golden flowers in fall season. If you want to maximize all of these attributes during the first year of growth, make sure to plant in the





Chinese “Red Push” Pistache

This tree is perfect for fall planting because it gives a brilliant, red fall foliage display while making its curtain call for the year. By planting in the fall, you get this show in your yard plus the tree gets established and ready to erupt with new growth in the spring!




Citrus and Fruit

When planted in fall, all fruit and citrus benefit from utilizing the fall season to go through a transplant and get their bearings so that all of their strength is dedicated to fruit production come springtime.





Chinese Tru Green Elm

Elms are one of the best and fastest growing shade trees we enjoy in our area. To get the widest, densest shade as soon as possible, plant larger specimen trees but definitely plant during the fall.

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