How to Build Hollywood Style Hedges

How to Build Hollywood Style Hedges

By Jessica Downs on September, 26 2019
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Jessica Downs

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How to Build a Hollywood-style hedge

Design the Right Hedge for Your Yard

In our modern times, privacy is one of the main features people want when designing a yard. Increased population and home builders trying to build more homes on their lot has reduced yard sizes in some areas and made privacy that much more important. Many tree and shrub options work amazingly here in our hot climate, but before you can choose them, you need to consider a few things before you start.

The Benefits of Planting a Hedge

Hollywood Hedge-1

1. Increase Privacy Around Your Home

Nobody wants to feel like they are being watched in their own home. Privacy creation might be crucial if your neighbor’s front door is right next to your front window or if your neighbors two-story home has windows that could easily see your entire property. Without nosy neighbors and prying eyes, you can fully enjoy your outdoor space just as much as your indoor space. Hedges can also help block unwanted views around your home such as streets or passing cars.

2. Less Noise from the Rest of the World

Trees and plants are great ways to help reduce noise in your home from the surrounding areas. As a homeowner, you know that you can only control so much around you, but most things, such as how loud your neighbors are or how close a school is,  is out of your hands! This is where a hedge can help! Plant a hedge wall with a tall-growing hedge with dense foliage.

3. Weather Protection

Hedges can accomplish many things like adding privacy, reducing noise, and looking much better than any fence ever could. An awesome perk to planting hedges in your yard is the extra protection your home will have from natural elements. Once established with a secure root system, a hedge fence will be strong against harsh winds.

AZ- 7th St.  -After Ficus Hedge 2-Edited

How to Start Designing Your Hedge

Deciding where your hedge will grow and how it will fit into your landscape is the hardest and most fun part of the project (minus being done and seeing your beautiful hedge in all its glory!) Now is the time to imagine how you would like to benefit from your hedge based on what we talked about earlier in the article. Once the ideas are complete, the only thing left to do is figure out the logistics. Our nursery pros go over some of the common questions to ask yourself when figuring out these details.

How much Space Needs to be Covered?

First, what is going to be the overall length and height of the area that needs to be covered to give the maximum privacy? You can easily do this with a tape measure, google earth, or even the measuring app on your phone. This will help you figure out what type of hedge material is needed.

How Many Hedges Can I Plant in my Yard?

Once you've decided on your height, you will need to think about your spacing. We recommend that hedges be planted nearly box to box or about three feet apart from each other. If you have 100 feet of space you'd like to cover with a hedge, you could use as many as 30 plants. This distance could be pushed to as far as five feet apart, or 20 plants, if you'd like to reduce the number of plants purchased and you are willing to wait sometime for your privacy.  You can also determine your budget based on the age of plants you'd like to purchase as well.


An instant hedge is ideal; however, there are different sizes of trees and spacing for all hedge projects to work within your budget. Just ask your Moon Valley Nursery Professional to show you the best options that fit your needs!

Privacy Hedge Options


AZ tree of week 31 ficus column  (4)

Ficus Columns

Ficus Columns are the perfect evergreen trees that give you fast growth and the greenest foliage possible for your landscape. This is our highest performing hedge and is our number one seller across Arizona. They can easily be spotted by the "wall of green" it provides. We have planted these hedges in many high-profile celebrities' homes, explicitly to give them ultimate privacy and a sanctuary for them to escape! Watch the video to see for yourself! 

Ficus Columns can be maintained as low as six feet high and can grow as tall as 40 feet. Now don't let the height scare you because these trees can be maintained at whatever height you'd like to keep them at for your privacy needs. Ficus Columns are clean, low-maintenance privacy hedges for your property and will be a gorgeous focal point of your landscape for years to come.


Japanese Blueberry

A Japanese Blueberry hedge will add a blast of greenery into your new landscape design and seasonal white flowers. It has a dense growth habit with multiple branches that grow upright with lush foliage. This visually appealing evergreen is a fast grower that can be sheared into any form.

The Japanese Blueberry is a low-maintenance tree that is tolerant of heat and thrives in the desert. To get the most privacy out of the Japanese Blueberry, line as many up as needed along a fence or property line so you can feel like your neighbors are far, far away! Their slender form even allows them to fit in tight spaces if needed.

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