Fall Trees for Fall Planting

Fall Trees for Fall Planting

By Jessica Downs on November, 8 2019
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Fall Planting in Nevada

Where has the time gone? Just like that, the temperatures are dropping quickly, and the year is almost over. School is in full swing, Sundays are all about football, and we can go hiking and explore our beautiful surroundings again!

When you imagine fall colors, do you think of beautiful east coast towns covered in gorgeous fall colors all over the landscape? Well our fall is here too, which means you can have the picturesque fall color in your yard instantly this season too! 

Benefits of Nevada Fall Planting

When it comes to successful fall planting, you need two things – a great region like Las Vegas and Moon Valley Nurseries.

Moon Valley Nurseries custom grows every tree to acclimate to our Southwestern regions through every season. We acclimate them by growing them right here in the Southwest! We are also continually improving all our trees with stronger specimens as often as we can to create stronger trees every growing period.

Nevada is one of the best places to live when it comes to adding more trees and building up your existing landscape or designing a completely new yard. It is one of the best places because planting can be done all year long. When it comes to fall planting, it can be done for longer periods in the Southwest compared to anywhere else in the country due to our amazing climate!

So, if you're looking to add that fall season feel to your yard today, be sure to consider one of these five trees below! Not only do they make the best backdrop for fall, but they will also look great all spring and provide plenty of shade through the summer.

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Five Trees to Plant in Fall


Arizona Ash

The Arizona Ash tree is one of the best-suited trees for the Southwest region. It is grown to handle all extreme temperature changes. In the fall, this deciduous tree's foliage turns into a vibrant golden color. The Arizona Ash is seedless and only requires one cleanup once the leaves drop.

The tree grows its leaves back quickly in the spring, which provides maximum shade in the summer months. Its canopy of shade covers a large amount of territory, and its flowers form in small clusters in the spring.

Shumard oak container nursery tree farm

Shumard Oak

An awesome fall choice to include in your landscape is the Shumard Oak tree. One of the main benefits of having a Shumard Oak in your landscape is the beautiful vibrant red-orange colors that take over the canopy during the fall season. This fall display will surely get you into the holiday festivities!

This oak tree is a medium-to-large size tree and grows into a canopy with a wide-spreading reach. This allows the Shumard Oak to create large areas of shade all around it. This tree is a fast-growing species of oak that is very tough and can live for decades. The Shumard Oak will be a great investment that your family can enjoy for generations!

chinese pistache

Chinese Pistache

A fast-growing tree that provides piercing beauty to any landscape, the Chinese Pistache is known for its bright red and orange leaves in the fall. This color show makes it a reliable favorite for fall color every year.  The tree produces a towering canopy of shade while displaying showy and attractive dark green leaves during the summer.

The Chinese Pistache is drought and cold-tolerant and can grow in full sun. Due to the Chinese Pistache's size, the tree is ideal when planted in an area where shade is needed.

raywood ash

Raywood Ash

The Raywood Ash is a popular tree for landscapes across the Southwest. This Ash tree is known for its breathtaking display of vibrant red to deep burgundy foliage in the fall that gives any landscape a unique touch for the season. Its leaves drop off quickly after the fall season, allowing for an easy one-time cleanup.

During the warmer months, the Raywood Ash is an ideal shade tree that grows more upright than it does wide. Its dark green foliage provides a sharp contrast to any landscape and looks great as a stand-alone or specimen shade tree.



The Southern Magnolia is a favorite in the Southwest when it comes to large evergreen trees. Their dense growth habit and dark foliage is what helps to make it one of the best options to create a private yard for your family. These trees also make excellent shade trees and can help lower your utility bills, when planted in proper locations.

People are drawn to the Magnolia's softball-sized and fragrant white flowers, which are truly breathtaking to see in bloom. The flowers bloom throughout the summer and fall and they attract many of our pollinating friends like hummingbirds and butterflies. Magnolias are easy to grow and will fit perfectly in your landscape.

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