Poinsettia Care 101

Poinsettia Care 101

By Walt Conrad on December, 4 2014

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Walt Conrad

Walt has extensive background in landscape design and trees and plants native to the Soutwest. He loves spending time in the nurseries and helping customers find solutions to their landscape problems.


With the Holiday season in full swing it’s inevitable that you've run into many displays of the season’s most popular flower: Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima).

Poinsettias have become a holiday staple for flower enthusiasts and can be found in a range of colors from the familiar red to yellow and other vibrant colors. While they can make an eye catching holiday accent to any home Poinsettias can quickly lose their festive luster if not cared for properly.

If you've ever seen (or had one in your own home) a sad looking Poinsettia in bloom, with only a few drooping leaves hanging on, odds are it wasn't properly cared for. We've put together a few tips to keep your Poinsettias looking great all the way through the New Year and beyond!

Light - Poinsettias like bright, indirect light. If you decide to place it near a window make sure to diffuse the light with a shade of some kind.

Heat and temperatures - Poinsettias will stay in bloom longer if you can mimic greenhouse temperatures of 60-70 degrees. Never place them near a heat vent or near an outside door. The extreme shifts in temperature will turn those beautiful red leaves into a wilted mess.

Water - Water the plant whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. Water until it begins to drain out of the bottom and allow it to drain completely. Don’t let them stand in sitting water. Always remember to avoid over watering.

These tips should keep the Poinsettias around your home looking beautiful through the holiday season and beyond. Make sure to stop by any of our nursery locations and pick up the freshest, florist-quality Poinsettias for your home and even speak with a nursery professional about any other questions you may have.

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