10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Trees

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Trees

By Kyle Shipp on February, 16 2020
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Why Plant More Trees in Your Landscape 

Trees are an essential part of life. Asides their importance of cleaning of the air around us, trees are a sustainable solution to a better environment. For every tree planted, kids find an area to play under and clean oxygen is continually released into the air. Trees are apart of growing up, you climb them, make tree houses, swing from them and have picnics under them. We can all think of fond memories involving a tree. If these reasons are not enough, we have laid out a number of reasons trees are beneficial to your home.

Increased Home Value

According to researchers from Michigan State University, for every $1 properly invested in landscaping a whopping return of 109 percent can be made. This is over double the initial price value on the property. This is because a beautifully landscaped property has a correlation to the benefits trees provide. For every well placed and powered tree, buyers foresee the purified air that would be available to them and also shade for the harsh summer heat. It appeases the eyes of potential buyers if the trees present bear fruits. A Los Angeles based research team proved that property value can increase by 15% due to trees on the property.

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Create Privacy

In a region where plot sizes are small, we often times find ourselves sitting in our backyard for fresh air only to end up looking into our neighbor’s dining room. On the other end with properties with large backyards, the open space provides opportunity to build pools and organize backyard functions but also give passer-by's an inside look to your property. Irrespective of the property you have, privacy is something we all desire. A fence might provide some protection but not the sort you desire. Rather than building large divides around your property, planting large hedges provide privacy you require.

Trees can Save you on Energy Costs

The cooling nature of trees provide free flowing cool air during the hot summer months. The shade provide by the trees can reduce the temperature of an area by up to 10º Fahrenheit or more. With natures very own air conditioning unit in your backyard, the bill for indoor air units reduce drastically. Plant a tree in your background and experience the cool breeze of nature.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Trees are usually dense structures with thick trunks and full branched out leaves. The structures of trees act as reliable sound buffers from the noise of the street and neighborhood. The strategic placement of the trees matter in the bid to reduce noise pollution. The denseness of the trees absorb the sound waves that come barreling through, leaving your backyard a quite sanctuary.

Beautify Your Yard

Upon first look at a property, ones sight is drawn to the landscape of that property. The landscape of your property provides the first impression one gets upon arrival. No matter the size of your property, the presence of a well landscaped yard seemingly enlarges the property and makes it more attractive than it is. Trees also add color to your property by budding beautiful flowers in the springtime and summertime making your property the piece dé resistance of the neighborhood.


Grow your own fruit in your yard

Trees apart from adding color to your property also provide fruits. Enhance your green thumb by growing your own oranges, lemons, and apples. There is nothing as rewarding as consuming a produce you grew yourself. Imagine having a constant flow of fresh fruit salads in your home planted by you.

Clean the air and take in carbon

Most of this carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by trees and carbon is stored in the trunks of trees. Trees purify our air by trapping dust fragments, absorbing odors and gases that affect the quality of air we breathe. There is a reason why individuals step outside to take in fresh air. The air around trees is often the purest form of oxygen one can get. If you live in a populated city you can create a clean air bubble in your backyard.

Fight Urban Heat Islands

As civilization sets in with dense structures and high-rise buildings, the amount of air available reduces. Lightly put, urban heat islands are areas largely populated by more buildings than vegetation which results in reduced circulation of air, leaving an area warmer than it should be. Trees counter these heat waves by lowering surface and air temperatures by providing shade and cooling.

Improve Quality of Life

At the end of the day you want to come home to a yard that you are able to enjoy. A yard that your kids and pets can play in. One where you can build a tire swing or tree house for your children, host the Labor Day barbecue party, and do so much more. Adding trees and plants to your yard draws people outside to enjoy the yard. Add landscaping today to enjoy your yard and house more!

Trees provide many more benefits to your landscape and the environment. Want to know more about what trees and plants can do for you? Come into any of our nurseries, you will be amazed at the sights and smells of the flowers. Here are our nearest locations. We are looking forward to seeing you and talking about your project!

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