Benefits of Water Oak Trees in Texas

Benefits of Water Oak Trees in Texas

By Jacey Bowers on July, 26 2019
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Jacey Bowers

Why the Water Oak is the Best for Texas

Water Oak

Meet Jacey Bowers at Sugar Land

Howdy, my name is Jacey Bowers. I am one of the top design specialists and nursery professionals in Texas. You can find me at our Sugar Land location in Houston, TX. Now let’s get into the best Oak for Texas.

Water Oak Memories

The Water Oak tree has a very special place in my heart. Growing up, I was always climbing these trees and playing outdoors with my sisters. At the home I grew up in, we had this gorgeous Water Oak in the yard that created more memories than I can count.

Looking back, over half of my childhood was spent making memories in that tree. It became very special to me, my sisters, and my whole family. Over the years I have grown to understand why I love this tree so much.

The Functions of the Water Oak

It is important to understand the true function of a Water Oak tree. Here in Texas, it is not surprising to receive four seasons in one day. We have seen the rain come and go and we will be seeing more over the next few weeks!

We live in an area where it is beneficial to plant a few thirsty trees in our yards or property. A water-loving tree like the Water Oak is going to soak up and drink all the water your yard gets during our storms throughout the year.

While the Water Oak is used for multiple reasons, one of the most important is the fact that it can drink all the sitting water in a landscape. This is very important if you have a yard that floods easily. The Water Oak tree helps soak up all of that sitting water and supports other plants in your yard so they do not drown.

The Beauty of the Water Oak

In my opinion, the Water Oak tree has one of the most beautiful shapes of any tree out there. Not only is its trunk very thick and hardy, but the tree is also semi-evergreen! That means that it will keep an ample amount of its foliage all year long. The Water Oak is sturdy, and its branches grow out and up in layers. Any child will have a blast adventuring up this tree, swinging from ropes or even building a treehouse!

When I think of the Water Oak, I think of family. Something that has been there since the beginning and has brought joy, laughter, and memories to so many people simply by providing a beautiful canopy and excellent shade.

Oak trees are a staple across the Texas landscapes, no matter what region you are in. The Water Oak tree is one of the best large oaks you can add to your property and know that you will love it for decades to come.

Stop by your local nursery and check out our selection of Water Oaks that are currently available and start designing your new yard with us now.

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