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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 8/24/17 6:57 AM


With the recent summer heat, it is now the best time to plant a low water yard! Low water yards are very easy to take care of whether you are a master gardener or dabbling in gardening for your first time. These low water tree and plants are extremely heat tolerant and friendly to grow.

The month of July can be very difficult on your trees and plants. The sun is out longer and the temperatures get well over 100. These two factors can lead can cause a lot of stress. Be sure to get your landscape ready for the fall growing season with Moon Juice. Read more about what is in Moon Juice and how it works here!

Using a low water landscape will not only improve your curbside appeal and increase your house value by 28% but it will also save you on your water bill. Planting a low water yard can save you hundreds on your water bill! Check out some of these Houston favorites for low water trees and plants.


Desert Museum Palo Verde

Desert Museum Palo Verde

The Desert Museum Palo Verde is actually a hybrid of different Palo Verde species. This tree bring out the best qualities of all of these trees. With more vibrant blooms of yellow to contrast the bright green thornless trunk, you will see why this tree is fast becoming the most popular shade trees in the Southern United States. You have your choice of single or multi-trunked but both will make a beautiful eye catcher in your landscape.



Agave are a terrific way to add unique accents to your yard. With their unique shape and structure planting agave in a planting beds, lining walk ways, or anywhere in the yard. Agave are a great low water and minimal maintenance plant. You can plant these and walk away with little to no care for them. If you are needing an area filled in the yard come see our nursery professionals to help you design the perfect look with the right textures, varying heights and colors.

Chilean Mesquite

Chilean Mesquite

The hybrid Chilean Mesquite is the classic low water tree, with a wide canopy of bright green foliage complementing the dark bark winding branches. The Chilean Mesquites are easily recognizable through Texas because of their dense umbrella shade. They are known for being extremely drought tolerant and easy to grow in any landscape. With its quick and rapid growth rate, this tree will cool down any area in no time.

Red Yucca

Red Yucca

The Red Yucca is an amazing low water plant. With its grass like tight structure this makes for a great accent plant in a variety of landscapes. The Red Yucca also attracts hummingbirds! You can plant these next to your outdoor seating area and enjoy watching the hummingbirds come up to collect the nectar in the many small cone shaped red flowers. Click here to see other plants that hummingbirds love.



There are several types of sage bushes but they all have one thing in common, the lively purple flowers that pop up after a storm or rain. These lush evergreen bushes look amazing around red yuccas and other colorful plants. The soft foliage makes for a great background filler. If you have a small planting area but want something subtle but with some color, be sure to go with some sage. Come see all the varieties of sage and let our nursery pros help you design your perfect look!

Yucca Gloriosa

Yucca Gloriosa

Yucca Gloriosa, also known as Spanish Dagger make for great focal points in your landscape. With their long stiff leaves with dark green foliage and unique trunks when they mature. These yuccas look great in any landscape. Pro Tip: add some up lighting to use their unique shape to give you some crisp clear shadows. This is a great plant if you are a first-time gardener or have a rental property. You can have peace of mind about this plant in your yard with its minimal water and minimal maintenance!

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