Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 8/17/17 6:46 AM
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Picture the perfect play area for your kids and pets. It has lush comfy grass, a sandbox or playground equipment, and of course it has a huge shade tree for them to play under for hours not having to worry about a nasty sunburn. 

If the stunning shade tree is the one thing missing in this perfect vision, be sure to head over to one of our four nursery locations in Houston. We have THOUSANDS of shade trees ready to be planted today and we offer free planting on all the trees. That's right, FREE PLANTING! Let us do the digging.

Below are the top choices our nursery pros recommend!


Shumard Red Oak

shumard red oak

Shumard Red Oak trees are a popular tree native to the Texas region. This tree is popular for many reasons; it is a fast grower, sprouts a large canopy, and grows attractive foliage. This tree benefits all landscapes by working as a privacy hedge, blocking noise from traffic. Most importantly, its foliage changes with the seasons; allowing the sun to add heat to your home in the winter by dropping its leaves and growing its leaves back just in time for the summer blocking out the warm sun and adding cooler temperatures.


Live Oak

live oak

One of the most stunning trees on display, the Live Oak is a great choice for Houston planting because of its adaptability, performance in the hot summer months and its ability to grow in tough soil conditions. Its name is derived from its ability to “live” throughout the winter when other oaks are dormant or leafless. It has a wide canopy of dark green leaves and when planted in rows it can give your landscape a privacy wall or shade barrier that provides immense protection and beauty.



Water Oak

water oak

Water Oak trees fit right in with the Western United States. This hardy native North American shade tree grows at an astonishing rate of upwards of 2 feet a year! It thrives in diverse soil conditions and in many different landscape zones. With its ability to grow quickly, this tree is known for its abundant amounts of shade and for being a tree that can provide a great amount of privacy.




Monterrey Oak

monterrey oak (mexican white oak)

The Monterrey Oak Tree is a south Texas native that is extremely drought tolerant and they do very well in many soil types. Also known as the Mexican White Oak, this oak is rapidly becoming a popular option for landscapers and homeowners looking for maximum shade coverage in their yard. In early spring Monterrey Oaks produce beautiful reddish-peach leaves that transition to a rich green. As it grows and matures, the Monterrey Oak's canopy will begin to spread and become more rounded.


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