Best Mosquito-Repelling Tree for Texas

Best Mosquito-Repelling Tree for Texas

By Mark Hamilton on July, 5 2019
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Mark Hamilton

Let a Camphor Tree Make Your Summer Better

What if I told you Moon Valley Nurseries has a cold-hardy, fast-growing tree with glossy foliage, smells great and heat-tolerant? One that repels mosquitoes, attracts butterflies, acts as a privacy barrier, has minimal litter, is a 100% evergreen?

I am referring to one of my favorite trees – the Camphor tree.

Camphor tree at Moon Valley Nurseries

In my opinion, this is the perfect tree for the East Texas area, including Houston and Austin. For more than 10 years now, I have planted Camphor trees all over the Houston area and have never heard of a single complaint or problem from my customers about their Camphor trees. I often hear many reasons why our customers love the plant, including many of the reasons listed above.

When the weather gets hot, the mosquitoes come out in full force ready to start biting anything in sight. This is when a Camphor tree is at its best! There are multiple ways that this tree can help you repel the bugs in your home.

The first way that it helps deter mosquitoes is by the oil that comes from the tree itself. It gives off camphor oils, which help discourage those pesky critters from hanging out in your yard.

Another way to use the tree to repel mosquitoes is to take a few leaves off the tree, crush them up, and rub them on exposed skin.

Quick Disclaimer: Most people will not be affected by the oils in the trees but be sure to keep an eye out for skin irritation. If your skin has been irritated, wash immediately with soap and water. While a disclaimer and potential skin irritation is no fun, it is still more fun than inhaling toxic bug-repellent sprays. We always recommend a natural solution.

camphor tree in nursery

We need all the help we can get in our region of Texas when it comes to battling the summer critters and enjoying our backyards! Wouldn't you want to have at least one more weapon against those insects that are ruining fun days to hang out and enjoy the weather?

If you like being outside and enjoying BBQ’s, swimming pools, horseshoes, and any other backyard activities, this tree will be a great addition to your landscape.

Seriously folks, inhaling poisonous fumes from a can of bug spray is not the only answer. I will try a natural remedy any day over known man-made toxins. 

Camphor tree and sales rep

Hello, my name is Mark Hamilton. I was born here in Texas and this is a familiar battle that we've all had to take on every summer. That is why I want to share this important information with all of you. I hope that you can now see why the Camphor tree is my favorite.

Get your Camphor trees today and start enjoying your new yard now!


Mark Hamilton
Moon Valley Nurseries

You can find Mark Hamilton at our Woodlands location in Spring, TX or find a designer in your area.

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