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Best Trees to Plant Memorial Day Weekend

Posted by Jessica Downs on 5/24/19 10:00 AM

Moon Valley Trees are ready for Planting!

This Memorial Day Weekend come and see which trees are looking gorgeous that would be perfect for your yard. Not only is this the ideal time to plant, but these are some of the best trees to plant now!

Whether you are looking for some shade, color, or anything else you might be missing in your yard, we have something that will fit all your needs. Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite trees this week!

Best Memorial Day Weekend Trees 

Crape Myrtle

crape myrtle-4

Drought-tolerant, the Crape Myrtle tree craves the heat and may bloom for long periods of time, with large clusters of delicate flowers. Crape Myrtle varieties can transform neighborhoods, public parks, shopping malls, and resorts with their colorful flowers that range from pink to red, and white to purple!

You can plant this attractive Crape Myrtle tree nearly any time of the year and with annual to occasional maintenance and clean-up. We only sell Crape Myrtle varieties that are custom-grown and mildew-resistant. Plant these beautiful ornamental trees in your landscape and bring a splash of lively color to the Texas area.



The Vitex is a striking multi-trunk tree and is a favorite for its unique purple flowers that bloom on long spikes that form at every growth tip of the tree. The Vitex blooms during the late spring and into the summer season. The flowering spikes on the Vitex tree, like other trees on this list, are popular with our pollinating friends.

In addition to the stunning flowers, the trunk of the tree is also an interesting part of the Vitex. The twisted and tangled growth pattern gives this tree a statuesque appearance in any landscape, especially when covered in night-time lighting. This tree loves the full sun, and in the winter the leaves turn a golden yellow color.



Every variety of Magnolias that we grow are a popular choice with our customers at Moon Valley Nurseries. Many are drawn to the Magnolia's softball-sized and fragrant white flowers, which are truly breathtaking to see in bloom. The flowers bloom throughout the summer and fall and they attract many of our pollinating friends like hummingbirds and butterflies.

The flowers aren't the only thing that makes the Magnolia a popular tree for our region. Many of our customers love the attractive glossy leaves and the Magnolia's ability to produce a thick canopy for summer shade relief. Magnolias are super easy to grow, and they can handle even the hottest of summer days.

Shumard Oak


The Shumard Oaks are long-living trees that offers an abundance of shade all summer long. These oak trees feature a canopy that is capable of blocking sunlight all summer and giving you plenty of needed relief from the heat. The resilient oak features a large trunk and sturdy limbs. They can thrive in nearly any soil conditions.

The Shumard Oaks are excellent trees for the summertime but also shine in the fall, when their leathery, green foliage turn to a gorgeous red/orange color. Buy a specimen tree so that you can relax and sit under a beautiful Shumard Oak shade tree this summer.

Shrubs Spotlight


knockout rosesWe have many different rose varieties that are delivered fresh from our farms, including our gorgeous “knockout” variety of roses. The sight of a rose garden in bloom is a gift for all the senses. There are many uses for roses, even as hedge material to create breathtaking levels to your landscape. (pictured)


Available in red, white, yellow, and pink, Hibiscus is a medium-to-large growing shrub with very lush, dark foliage and beautiful flowers that are sure to turn heads. These beautiful flowering plants prefer to be planted in well-prepared garden soil that drains well.


The Everblooming Gardenia is a delightful addition to your landscape. It has many great features to offer no matter where you choose to plant it. You can enjoy the gorgeous silk white flowers as an accent piece in your yard or you can enjoy them inside your home and enjoy aromatic fragrance better.

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