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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 12/6/17 9:48 AM


Take Advantage of these Prime Planting Conditions!

Right now is the best time to plant the best trees of winter! Unlike much of the east coast of USA, we get to experience mild weather, and since our soil does not freeze over, we have ideal conditions for beautifying our landscape with trees! In December, the soil can retain warmth even if the temperature outside starts to drop. And warmer soil is a boon for newly planted trees because it allows them to spend the winter months establishing their root system.

We recommend planting all kinds of trees and plants so that you can take advantage of the prime planting conditions this time of the year offers. With that said, we compiled a list of a few of our best trees for planting in the winter.

Best Trees of Winter to Plant Now

Oak trees are the right choice for anyone looking to add a tree that can provide privacy as well as shade! And though the weather feels comfortable today, once spring and summer arrive and the temperatures start to soar, you’re going to appreciate these majestic trees you planted in the winter for the shade they cast! These trees can produce more than their fair share of oxygen to help lower our carbon footprint, and they can be a stylish addition to any landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing trees for over 20 years with hundreds of varieties for our area to choose from! Here are a few of our best trees of winter that are sure to bring curb appeal!

Monterrey Oak Tree


These semi-evergreen trees can adapt to many soil types and retain their attractive leaves most of the year. It’s a native of south Texas so that it loves to grow in the Houston area. These trees provide a nice change of seasonal colors – they have a new growth in early spring of bronze to pinkish bronze colored leaves, later transitioning to a vibrant green color! They can let in some sunlight in the winter to bring some warmth to a landscape, and in the summer, they have a large shade canopy that can shield the blistering sun! 

Water Oak


These hardy North American natives can grow to be large trees that can cast plenty of shade and the right amount of privacy quickly! They feature a distinct varying leaf structure and bluish-green to dark, luscious green leaves that make it a standout in any landscape. Mature trees are begging for someone to climb their big, sturdy limbs and since they can tolerate pollution, they are also an excellent choice for planting in urban areas where they can help clean the air! 

Live Oak


These evergreen trees are native to the Western U.S. and are an excellent choice for landscapes throughout our area! Live Oaks have a long-life span and attract small wildlife too, so if you love the sight of birds, we recommend installing bird feeders and owl boxes. We like to plant them in rows so that they can create a natural privacy screen! These trees are also hardy and able to tolerate extreme drought and windy conditions. Of course, it is also an excellent shade tree and one that is very clean and easy to maintain. 

Palms to Plant Now

Palm trees have a natural calming effect in any landscape. They have often been seen lining boulevards, installed in luxury resorts and upscale shopping centers and used to help create a backyard retreat so that you can feel like you are getting away from it all without having to leave the comfort of your home! Plant palm trees and enjoy the sunset while it creates an awesome silhouette without blocking too much of your view!

Windmill Palm


This small to medium-sized palm brings a tropical appeal to any landscape and is one of the most cold hardy palms you can find! These palms have a neat and small-scale size that makes them an excellent choice for small patios, narrow spaces, gardens, side yards, near swimming pools, or as a standalone specimen. Plant them close together in groups so that you can create one of the lushest hedges you can find. Transform your yard into a resort-style property and enjoy the calming nature of a Windmill Palm. 

Mexican Blue Palm


Break up the greenery in your landscape with the stunning beauty of Mexican Blue Palm! This harder-to-find palm features dramatic silver-blue fronds all year long and creates flower plumes and golden braids of fruit in early summer that can make it a crowd pleaser in any landscape. We like to use them to create stunning vertical effects, and as one of the most impressive tropical hedges that you can find! If you’re looking for a palm that can add dramatic colors and textural color to yards, look no further than Brahea armata! 

Yes, You Can Afford a Beautiful New Landscape!

It’s true! With easy financing available you can pay over time so that it cannot get any easier to replace the trees and plants the builders chose or replace damaged trees! You can always visit any of our nurseries throughout the Houston area and take advantage of our free landscape design consultations too. And with #freeplanting available on all box sized trees, you can relax while our professional planting crew does all the work. Come home to a beautiful new landscape today!

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