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Bring the Tropics to Texas with Sabal Palms

Posted by Amanda Streu on 8/9/19 10:00 AM

Designing with Sabal Palms


When designing landscapes for customers, I love to use Sabal palms in formal groupings, as a lawn tree, in large-scale plantings, and as that special accent tree. The versatility of the Sabal and the ways to use them in landscape design to create a tropical oasis in Texas is endless! Whether you just want to add a touch of the Hawaiian Islands to your front yard or to create an entire tropical oasis in your backyard while lounging poolside in the backyard, the Sabal is always a safe bet to accomplish your goal!

Sabal Palm Tree Facts


The contrast of the lush green fronds and the sharp gray-white of the cross-hatch trunk is eye-catching and even breathtaking when it flowers its creamy white flowers in drooping clusters. The canopy can reach from 8’ to 25’ which can give you much-needed shade from our blazing Texas sun. When you are outside enjoying a family barbeque or a pool party with friends and family, you can count on your Sabal palm to add to the vibe of the moment.

The Sabal palm is often best-suited for medium or large yards since the palm can reach heights up to 50 feet and spread out up to 25 feet wide. Sabal palms may be used in a variety of situations since they are tolerant of wind, drought, salt, and most soil types. Their ability to adapt and thrive in so many different climates are one of the many reasons they are my go-to palms in this area. As we all know, East Texas (Houston, Austin, Spring, etc.) can be a bit drastic when it comes to weather changes.

The Sabal can handle the humidity of our summers. It can tolerate the flash flooding rains that come through, and the dramatic drops in temperature when winter comes to visit our area.  Though we might not get harsh winters here often, we do have temps that reach below freezing, but this palm never fails me when it comes to proving to my clients that I chose the best palm for our area and the customer.

Sabal Palms – A Customer Favorite

All of that brings me to my final point. I love making my clients happy and not just in the moments of seeing them smile at the finished product after planting. I want to ensure that they smile every time they are outside, and they hear those fronds rustle in the wind or see their Sabal withstand all that our weather in this area throws at it year after year.

The Sabal palm has proven itself to be a must-have palm in the Houston and general Texas area. It’s as tough as Texas itself and brings beauty and enjoyment to all those that see the value of such a wonderful palm specimen. These are reasons that I will continue to keep this palm on my list of the best trees for our area. I know my customers will be happy and satisfied with the addition of a Sabal palm in their yards, commercial job sites, parks, and anywhere else that would benefit from a touch of the tropics.

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