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Fall Colors In Texas

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 9/2/16 2:53 PM
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Where has the year gone by? Just like that, school is back in session, football games are being played again, and yes, the temperature is slowly dropping, which means the fall season is right around the corner. Imagine fall colors. What did you think of? A picturesque farm or even a big city somewhere in the northern states or on the east coast? Our region experiences the fall season too and the easiest way to see it is with our own fall colors! If you're looking to add that fall season feel to your yard, with great shade in the summer too, be sure to consider one of these five trees below!


Arizona Ash
One of the best suited trees for the Southwest region the Arizona Ash is well suited to handle all extreme temperature changes. In the fall, this deciduous tree’s foliage turns into a vibrant golden color. The Arizona Ash is seedless and only requires one clean up once the leaves drop. The tree grows its leaves back quickly in the spring, which provides maximum shade in the summer months. Its canopy of shade covers a large amount of territory and its flowers form in small clusters in the spring.


Raywood Ash
A popular choice for landscapes across the southwest, the Raywood Ash is known for its breathtaking display of rich red to deep burgundy foliage in the fall that gives any landscape a unique touch for the season. Its leaves drop off quickly after the fall season, allowing for an easy one time clean up. During the warmer months, the Raywood Ash is an ideal shade tree that grows more upright than it does wide. Its dark green foliage provides a sharp contrast to any landscape and looks great as a stand-alone or specimen shade tree


Chinese Pistache 
A fast growing tree that provides piercing beauty to any landscape, the Chinese Pistache is known for its bright red and orange leaves in the fall which makes it a reliable favorite for fall color every year. The tree produces a large canopy of shade while displaying showy and attractive dark green leaves during the summer. The Chinese Pistache is drought and cold tolerant and can grow in the full sun. Due to the Chinese Pistache's size, the tree is ideal when planted in an area where shade is needed.


Flowering Pear
Known and desired for its fiery-red fall color, the Flowering Pear is an ornamental tree that performs will in many landscape applications. In the spring season, the Flowering Pear produces deep green foliage with snow-white flower coverage that gives the tree incredible depth for long periods of time. Several varieties are available including Aristocrat, Bradford, and Chanticleer.

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