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Superior Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees

Posted by Arica Harrison on 7/20/18 10:24 AM


Summer is here in full force and it can be a rough time, the heat and the sun bearing down on us. Plants and trees tend to lose their vibrancy and shade is a hot commodity when playing outside. Our AC is on and making our utility bill soar. We have a solution; plant some evergreen trees! Evergreen trees provide year-round interest to our yards and create much needed shade. By planting evergreen trees strategically around your home, you can naturally cool your home and cut down the cost of your utility bill. Save some money and add value to your home, that’s pretty great. And, what’s even better is that at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have evergreen varieties that grow quickly, meaning more shade and more relief sooner.

Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow superior trees that thrive in our environment since they are grown at our local farms, and we have been doing this for the past 20 years. Ask any of our nursery pros on which evergreen is the best choice for your needs; whether it is for shade, design, or privacy. And since summer is here and the heat is soaring, why not plant a tree that will help cool your home naturally and cut down on utilities? Fast-growing evergreens are the ideal choice for any landscape and yard; giving you all the benefits without the long wait. Below are our favorite fast-growing evergreens.


Camphor (Cinnamomun camphora) – A large tree that seems made just for Texas! Camphor trees thrive in humid areas, loves full sun, and is drought tolerant. They also require little water once established. Just what we need in our environment. Camphor trees have lush, dense green foliage and a wide spreading canopy that blocks the sun’s rays and provides ample amounts of shade. When new foliage comes in, it appears in colors of pink, red, or bronze; this gives your yard variety throughout the year. Camphor leaves, when crushed, give off a therapeutic aroma. These trees are great when planted around a home to naturally cool it, or planted in rows to create privacy.




Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) – Everyone loves this “Oak of the South” – and what’s not to love? With its dense gray-green foliage and large abundance of shade it produces, this tree is a staple throughout Texas. The Southern Live Oak requires little water once established and is extremely drought tolerant. This tree will live a long life so generations can enjoy the beauty of this oak and relax in the shade it creates. And a bonus, this tree is clean, so you won’t have to worry about cluttering up your yard. Plant a Live Oak as a focal point or plant a few to create a privacy backdrop. Whatever you want for your yard, the Live Oak can fill those needs.




Oleander Tree (Nerium oleander) – Extremely drought tolerant! Oleander trees provide vibrant color to any landscape. This tree brings year-round interest with its dark green, leathery, semi-glossy leaves. The fragrant flowers range from colors of white, red, and pink which appear in late spring into fall. These beautiful flowers attract butterflies which adds to the beauty of the Oleander tree. This evergreen can be a hedge or a tree depending on the pruning. Oleander trees are low maintenance, requiring little to no water once established and thrives in full sun but can grow in partial shade. Can be a great addition to any yard or landscape, able to grow in a wide range of soils.




Sissoo (Dalbergia sissoo) – Seems to grow overnight! Sissoo trees are evergreens that grow extremely fast and thrive in hot, dry areas. They are increasing in popularity due to their ability to create tons of shade and requires very low amounts of water to flourish. Sissoos have bright green, aspen-like foliage and slightly twisted trunk and branching patterns. Loves the full sun and drought tolerant, a great tree for Southwestern environments. The classic style makes this evergreen fit in any landscape or yard, no matter the design and style. Plant them strategically around your home to cool it down and lower your utilities.



We Can Help!

Not sure which evergreen to choose or where to put it? No worries, we got you covered! Any of our nursery pros can help you select the perfect trees and will do a free in-nursery design consultation to determine the plan the perfect spot for your trees. Want to make sure your new trees grow to their full potential? We can help with that, too! Moon Valley Nurseries has developed custom fertilizers for our local Houston environment, like our amazing Moon Juice and Moon Dust. Don’t hesitate to ask any of our nursery pros at your local Moon Valley Nurseries location for help!