Pick Out Your Favorite Texas Christmas Tree

Pick Out Your Favorite Texas Christmas Tree

By Walt Conrad on December, 12 2013

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Walt Conrad

Walt has extensive background in landscape design and trees and plants native to the Soutwest. He loves spending time in the nurseries and helping customers find solutions to their landscape problems.

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One of the many joys for those that celebrate the Christmas holiday is going out with the family and hand selecting the perfect family Christmas tree to decorate for the upcoming holiday. Many times the simpleness of being with family and picking a full, dark green tree that doesn’t resemble the Charlie Brown variety is enough to make everyone happy. The Moon Valley Nurseries family thinks its important for you to know exactly what populates all of our Christmas Tree lots and how to pick the very best Christmas Tree this holiday season. There are many different types of Christmas trees at our lots to choose from but the most common are the Noble Fir, Grand Fir and Douglas Fir. We’ll break down all three of these Christmas trees so you can make the best choice for your holiday.

Noble Fir
The Noble Fir is the most popular and longest lasting variety of Christmas tree. It is easily recognized for its spacing between branches and rounded needles which have made them a prized addition to any home. Noble Fir are very easy to decorate and allow plenty of room for all of the store bought and handmade decorations you have accumulated over the years.  While it doesn’t have the strong odor of pine like some Christmas trees it does have enough to fill your home with the fresh smell of Christmas during the holiday season. The Noble Fir is available at all Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas tree lots and comes in a variety of sizes from table toppers to 15 to 20+ feet tall! 

Grand Fir
The Grand Fir has a shinier needle than the Noble or Douglas Fir and has a very strong smell of pine and a hint of citrus. This tree is recognizable by its flat needles, dark green tops and silver underside. The Grand Fir are a thick tree that can handle being heavily decorated and are available in sizes from 4’ up to 15’+ tall. The Grand Fir is a long lasting Christmas tree that is a safe choice to have in your home throughout the Christmas season.

Douglas Fir
The Douglas Fir is the most commonly sold Christmas tree you will find at our lots. This is a very full tree with a thin needle, is easily decorated and also considered to be the most fragrant Christmas Tree around. A common issue with the Douglas Fir is that they have the shortest life span of all fresh cut Christmas trees and tend to dry out easily. 

All of the Christmas Trees listed above are available at all of our Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Tree lots and are the freshest in Texas as they are express shipped from Oregon within 48 hours of cutting. Our Christmas trees and lots have been a family tradition for thousands of Houston area families for years so we're sure to have the perfect Christmas tree for you and your family waiting in our lots!  

*Tree will be replaced with proof of purchase, please keep receipt. 

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