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Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 4/14/16, 11:24 AM
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All across the world, there are special places where legacies were made Some of these places can be hundreds of miles away, and some of them are in our front yards. There are thousands of trees we see on a daily basis when we are driving around town. Each one was planted for a reason and each one may have a special memory tied to its legacy. You too can create a legacy with our top six "Legacy Type" trees and the reasons to start your legacy today.


A fast growing, dense, shade-producing tree that grows to a moderate height, the Camphor Tree looks great in any landscape design where a lush appeal is desired.  This uniquely shaped tree grows well in any soil type and requires very little maintenance.  A solid performer for Houston, this tree is hardy and heat tolerant. Along with its beautiful green bark and fragrant foliage, the Camphor never loses its leaves, which makes this a great choice for the inexperienced or over-worked landscaper. 



Shamel Ash
A classic looking "Legacy Type" tree, the Shamel Ash, also known as the ‘Evergreen Ash’, is a great solution for just about any landscape that needs a large, fast-growing shade tree. Capable of reaching great heights, the classic, larger-leaved, green foliage is attractive and compliments just about any landscape. It creates a great canopy of shade and is a great climbing tree or even one to hang a swing off of!


Looking to add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape this spring? Look no further than the always popular Magnolia. A symbol of the South, the Magnolia is an eye-catching tree with its striking foliage, spreading and large canopy, creamy white fragrant blooms, and elegant evergreen appearance. The Magnolia is mostly known for its showy white blossoms and beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. Magnolias are easy to grow and they thrive in our long summers. 


chinese elm-1

Tru-Green Elm
Widely used throughout the Southern U.S. for more than 100 years, the Tru-Green Elm is a beautiful tree and one that has become a very popular choice for our customers due to its dark green foliage on its umbrella shaped canopy. A great canopy of shade can come form rather quickly with these trees. The True-Green Elm thrives in hot and sunny environments and in very mild winters, they can retain their leaves.


Arizona Ash
Native to the Grand Canyon State, the Arizona Ash is a fantastic tree for those seeking color throughout the year. In the fall, this deciduous tree’s foliage turns into a vibrant eye-catching golden color that looks just lovely. Then in the spring, the lush green foliage grows back creating a canopy of shade covers a large amount of territory. It is well suited to handle all extreme temperature changes and its flowers form in small clusters in the spring.

Grapefruit (2)-1

Fruit and Citrus 
Yes! Any type of fruit or citrus tree is a great way to leave behind a legacy. You'll be able to leave behind food for generations. Fruit and Citrus do grow well in our climate. Some of the best and easiest to grow are orange, lemon, grapefruit, apple, plum, peach, nectarine. All of the citrus trees we sell have been adapted to our climate. There are a lot of benefits to growing your own homegrown food. The fruit and citrus taste better, no pesticides, scented citrus blossoms, shade, and you don’t have to leave your house for fruit or citrus.

Top Reasons To Leave Your Legacy With A Tree


Creating Memories 
Throughout history, trees have always been a source of lifelong memories. A place where you and a loved one carved your names, a climbing tree where your fort used to be, a shade tree you played under, or even something else. Planting a "Legacy Type" tree in your yard is a way to create these lifelong memories.


Curb Appeal
There is just something about a home with an attractive shade tree in the front of it. We always see it in the movies. A beautiful house has a beautiful tree. Your yard can have that too. Adding a great big shade tree is an easy way to add more beauty to your landscape. Couple that with a shade tree that has flowers, and now you'll be turning heads in the neighborhood.


Increase Your Home Value
A well maintained and thought out landscape with trees can increase the value of a house by more than 7%. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, the first impression of your home can make or break a deal, and it is quite often a home’s landscaping is overlooked, underdone, and not maintained. Having large shade trees can give off a fantastic estate feel to your property. Plus, it can help block unwanted views from the street or from your neighbors. 


Food For Generations
We touched on this above, and we'll mention it again, planting a fruit or citrus tree is a great way to have food for generations. Many people can enjoy just walking outside the door and plucking a fresh fruit or citrus for those special secret family recipes! 

Start your legacy today by visiting any of our nurseries. There are many reasons to leave your legacy behind and many trees, and even shrubs, to pick from. Map a nursery near you right here

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