Medium Sized Palm Trees For Your Pool

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 9/2/15 3:00 PM
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After taking a look at some of the smaller palm options for your pool in part 1 of our series on “Palms For Your Pool”, our experts at Big Tex Trees have now identified seven perfect medium sized palms for your pool.

Each palm below is vastly different than the next and when looking at the palms below remember to take into account the amount of space you will need as the palm continues to grow.  

pygmy palms

Pygmy Date Palm 
This statuesque palm features many trunks of varying height or it can be grown with just a single trunk. Great for small spaces and accent locations near your pool, the Pygmy Date Palm is a slower grower and adapts well to sun and shade. Moon Vlaley Nurseries' Pygmy Date Palms have been custom grown at our farms to ensure that the palm generates thicker trunks, fuller crowns, and more robust roots. 

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Pineapple Palm
Named for its resemblance to a pineapple when the palm is younger, the Pineapple Palm produces wide fronds and requires space when planted around a pool. It grows slowly, eventually forming a wide trunk and its fronds begin to rise from the ground, creating a classic palm tree shape. The Pineapple Palm can handle the cold and loves the sun. It’s a popular choice for tropical landscape and is commonly seen around resorts. 
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Pindo Palm
One of the unique palms on this list, the Pindo Palm features a unique silver - blue color and its fronds curve back toward the trunk. The Pindo Palm is both bold hardy and drought tolerant. It requires minimal pruning and its unique color makes them a great addition for any tropical landscape around a pool. Landscape lighting with upward spotlights creates a fantastic night time effect as well. 
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Windmill Palm
A narrow and vertical palm, the Windmill Palm is one of the most durable palms known. It thrives in intensely hot locations, requires minimal water and can handle periods of freezing weather with little or no damage. Commonly used as a stand alone or focal point, the Windmill Palm makes excellent accents to larger palms. 
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med fan

Mediterranean Fan Palm
Compact size and ability to thrive in the hot summer months and survive the cool winters has made the Mediterranean Fan Palm a popular choice for tropical landscapes. Commonly used as a stand-alone focal point around pools, the Mediterranean Fan Palm sprouts multiple trunks and is slow growing. The require minimal pruning and can be drought tolerant. As a bonus, they look great in containers. 
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When you visit any of our 4 huge Houston Moon Valley Nurseries locations, be sure to know the size of the area around your pool that is available. For further assistance, bring in any photos of your current landscape. Our experts are on hand to help you with any needs you may have.  

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