Moon Royale: The Secret To Keeping Your Lawn Looking Green

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 4/28/16, 9:28 PM
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With the spring season in full swing and the temperature beginning to warm up, it is time to start thinking about getting your yard growing again. Everything in our landscapes needs nutrients to grow strong and healthy. That includes all of our trees, shrubs and even our grass or sod.

You can give that summer lawn a boost with our fast acting Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer. In most cases, you will see results in just four days, and it gets stronger as it goes to work greening up your lawn. 

Moon Royale
Benefits of a properly fertilized grass are:
  • Requires less water
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Less susceptible to disease
  • More resistant to insects
  • Can handle the heat and drought better

But the bottom line is this. Our Moon Royale is designed to produce thick, long lasting, and healthy grass in our natives soils. 

The main reason why our Moon Royale was created was for use as a tool to help break up our tough native soils that keep vital nutrients and iron from being absorbed by roots. That is why we included sulfur in our Moon Royale. It helps break down the tough soils and fight the salts to quickly turn your lawn dark green.

The 19%(N) 6%(P) 13%(K) blend in the Moon Royale is the perfect ratio of Nitrogen for green leaves, Phosphorous for strong roots, and Potash for sturdy stems that grass really loves

Best of all, our Moon Royale is easy to use using either a drop or broadcast type fertilizer spreader. See bag for complete instructions and application rates.

Now that you know all about the benefits of Moon Royale you too can grow like a pro! Moon Royale is available at any of our nursery locations. Once you see the benefits that Moon Royale provides for your landscape, you'll be a believer too!

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