May Landscape & Garden Tips

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 5/5/16, 8:08 PM
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Whether we want to admit it or not, summer is coming. That's the bad news. The good news is that because summer has yet to arrive, we still have a few more weeks left in this great planting season. Plus, it gives us time to prepare our landscape for the summer. Our nursery pros have compiled a few tips and tasks for your landscape this month.
To Do List:
  • Watering: With the temperature starting to warm up, it's time to to keep a close eye on the watering schedule for our yards. It is always important to look at temperatures. You always want to water slowly and deeply.  For more information, check out our watering guide
  • Fertilize: We are just about to hit the beginning of the palm growing season. Continue to use Moon Dust and combine that with our easy to use Super Palm Juice, which turns palms green and keep them green.  It contains all the special nutrients palms needs that are not found in our soils. Available now at any of our nurseries

crape myrtle-4

The Crape Myrtle has something to offer for every season but stands out in late spring to summer when it begins producing stunning blooms of purple, pink, red, and white flowers that are pleasing to the eye when planted in clusters or accent locations. The Crape Myrtle is known for its long and constant bloom cycle and works well in just about any landscape. In the fall, the Crape Myrtle’s foliage turn to a showy bright orange.

live oak-5

Live Oak
One of the most stunning trees on display, the Live Oak is a great choice for Houston plating because of its adaptability, performance in the hot summer months and its ability to grow in tough soil conditions. Its name is derived from its ability to “live” throughout the winter when other oaks are dormant or leafless. It has a wide canopy of dark green leaves and when planted in rows it can give your landscape a privacy wall or shade barrier that provides immense protection and beauty.


Looking to add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape this spring? Look no further than the always popular Magnolia. A symbol of the South, the Magnolia is an eye-catching tree with its striking foliage, spreading and large canopy, creamy white fragrant blooms, and elegant evergreen appearance. The Magnolia is mostly known for its showy white blossoms and beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. Magnolias are easy to grow and they thrive in our long 

Piru queen palm

Piru Queen Palm
Queen palms are the height of tropical beauty and appeal in just about any landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries' Piru Queen Palm variety is custom grown to be the benchmark for both durability and appearance for tougher growing climates. Grown from specific Argentine seedlings with superior genetic traits, Piru Queen Palms feature wider trunks, thicker crowns, and greener fronds then other queen palms. Our Piru Queen Palms are exposed to hot summers, cold winters, and dry climates to promote drought tolerance and water retention. The result of these growing conditions produces a palm that is better conditioned to extreme weather cycles, frost periods, and drought situations. 

date palms-1

Date Palm
Date Palms love it when they are planted when it is hot out. The ultimate palm for your pool, the 
Date Palm are usually found at most resorts and shopping centers. Around pools the Date Palm provides excellent shade due to its wide fronds and it has practically no litter. The Date Palm looks great when planted in clusters of 3 to 5 palms and is hardy to cold, heat and drought tolerant. While usually tough to find because of the time and care needed to grow such majestic specimens from seedlings.


Mediterranean Fan Palm
Compact size with an ability to thrive in the hot summer months and survive the cool winters has made the Mediterranean Fan Palm a popular choice for an outdoor oasis. Commonly used as a stand-alone focal point around pools, the Mediterranean Fan Palm sprouts multiple trunks and is slow growing. Aside from their wonderful looks, Mediterranean Fan Palms are some of the more durable palm trees grown in the Western United States. They thrive in hot locations and require minimal amounts of water compared to most palm trees. They’re also able to survive the typical frost season with little or no freeze damage. 

Tipu Blog

Looking to create a massive canopy of shade? Look no further than the Tipu tree. This semi-evergreen has become a popular choice for its rapid growth and eye-catching apricot yellow flowers during the summer. Tipu Trees require modest amounts of water for optimal performance, so they react well to droughts and landscapes desiring less water usage. Landscapers find many uses for the Tipu not just because they’re fast growers, but also for their golden blooms during the spring. In just a few years, the Tipu can reach heights of 25 feet quickly creating massive canopies of shade for your home, patio, home playground, or to protect the other plants in your yard from the summer sun. 


This multi-trunk tree is known for its eye catching displays of purple blooms on long spikes that jet out at every growth tip during the late spring and into summer. The Vitex’s twisting trunks under the bright flowering canopy gives this tree a unique, grand appearance. Its canopy is large and layered, which allows sunlight to penetrate the ground below. The Vitex requires minimal water and little maintenance. Vitex trees establish quickly and are exceptionally strong in full sun locations.

chinese elm-1

Chinese Elm
Widely used throughout the Southern U.S. for more than 100 years, the Chinese Elm is a beautiful tree and one that has become a very popular choice for our customers due to its dark green foliage on its umbrella shaped canopy. A great canopy of shade can come form rather quickly with these trees. The Chinese Elm thrives in hot and sunny environments and in very mild winters, they can retain their leaves.

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