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Top 6 Drink Recipes Using Homegrown Fruit & Citrus

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 5/19/16 1:51 PM
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Summer is here and with the kids out of school you'll be looking for daily activities to keep them busy all summer long. One activity that is super easy to do and one that keeps you at home is picking your homegrown fruit and citrus and making fruit and citrus drinks. 

We are lucky to be living in our region. We can grow a huge variety of fruit and citrus trees. Lemon, orange, grapefruit,  peach, and more! Growing these not only gives you superior taste compared to the grocery store, but it can be a great teaching lesson to the younger generation on how to properly care and prepare your fruit and citrus. 

Below are 10 fantastic recipes using homegrown fruit and citrus. First five are non-alcoholic and the bottom five are for the adults!


Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Ingredients: Peaches, lemons, sugar, water, ice, raspberries, agave nectar

Click here for the Recipe


Non-Alcoholic Sangria 

Ingredients: Orange, peach, lime, blueberry, banana, grape juice, orange juice

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Bourbon Cider Sours

Ingredients: Apple, sugar, apple cider, orange, ice, bourbon

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Apricot Lime Mojito

Ingredients: Apricot, mint leaves, lime, white rum, club soda, water, sugar, salt

Click here for the recipe


Sparkling Citrus Sangria

Ingredients: Lemon, lime, orange, pineapple juice, ginger ale, gin, Moscato wine

Click here for the recipe


Orange Negroni from Bottega

Ingredients: Orange, orange slice, sweet vermouth, campari, gin

Click here for the recipe

Enjoy all these tasty cocktails and remember to drink responsibly and obey all drinking laws. All the recipes listed above make for great non-alcoholic drinks too. Just substitute your favorite seltzer water or flavored water. If your landscape is lacking citrus trees, stop by one of our 4 HUGE Moon Valley Nurseries locations in Houston. Our experts can help you pick out the best citrus trees for your landscape. 

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