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Privacy Hedges for the Woodlands Texas Area

Posted by Robert Milspaugh on 8/28/19 4:05 PM

Privacy Hedges for The Woodlands

Spring TX 2-1

The Woodlands Texas area has a native Texas appeal, which was introduced by the creator of the Hometown Community, George Mitchell. Since its inception in 1974, he imagined a high-end community that caters to all types of businesses and families, which was carved out of a heavily wooded area.

His idea was carried forward through the HOA, which requires native Texas trees and shrubs. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we carry a wide selection of native Texas plant material, including hedge options to add privacy to your home.

Best Privacy Hedges for Texas Communities

The top privacy hedges we use are the Wax Myrtles, Carolina Cherry Laurel and Wax Leaf Ligustrum. These grow thick and beautiful in full and partial sunlight. Their growth rate and height easily match the needed ten feet rule that most yards require.

Southern Wax Myrtle


The Southern Wax Myrtle is a native evergreen shrub which is olive-green aromatic foliage that does well in a variety of soil conditions. You will want to grow them as shrubs without trimming to achieve maximum screening. As an added appeal to animal-friendly designs, they are considered non-toxic to dogs on the ASPCA list.

Carolina Cherry

carolina cherry

The Carolina Cherry Laurel is a small evergreen flowering tree and can quickly grow up to 15 feet tall. The Woodlands has several dense tree canopies which cover areas that will need the hedge to grow in partially shaded areas. This shrub can also grow in full sun, which makes it ideal for all areas in this community.

Wax Leaf Privet

wax leaf privet-2

The Wax Leaf Privet is also a favorite for hedging as it grows in full and partial sunlight and reaches needed heights for privacy. With its broad-leaf foundation, it is excellent for hedge material or tall screens and can be trained into small, multi-stemmed specimen trees. They are also fast-growing and require little pruning. Privets produces white blooms and berries that attract a variety of colorful birds which feed on them.

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