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Planning for a New Landscape in The Fall?

Posted by Jessica Downs on 8/30/19 10:00 AM

Texas Weather in the Fall


The fall season is the prime time to start prepping and planning for any new trees and shrubs you have wanted to include in your landscape. The weather is getting more comfortable every day for you to start enjoying the outdoors more, starting with your yard!

Fall Creates Great Planting Conditions

Temperatures in Texas are Going Down

As we enter September, the temperatures are going to start steadily dropping to create the perfect mixture of sunlight and heat for newly planted trees and other plant material.

With less sun and heat shining down on them, your new trees won’t require as much water as they have been needing the last few months. Trees planted in the next two-three months can significantly benefit from the colder weather.

Texas Soil will Stay Warm through Fall

While the temperatures are getting lower by the day, the ground is still warm from the consistent, hot days over the last few months. That heat buildup makes the perfect environment for newly transplanted trees to have the most successful root growth.

The warm soil also decreases the chances of transplant shock to the plant. When planting and while the root continues to establish, we recommend using our custom Super Charged Moon Juice monthly for added supplementation.

Plan Now for the Perfect Spring Landscape

Planting in the fall also guarantees that the roots will have the most time to establish into the soil and be ready to start focusing on top growth once spring arrives.

Adding plants in the fall also makes for a more enjoyable time for you now that the mosquitos are going away, so come into a nursery and find the trees that are perfect for your yard. Our nursery professionals recommended a few trees below that they love showing to customers right now. At our nurseries, there are thousands of varieties of trees and plants to choose for your yard.

Start Designing Your Yard for Fall Planting

Shumard Oak

Shumard Oak-4

The Shumard Oak is one of the best trees to include in a landscape because it’s probably the tree most people imagine when they think of a fun tree in the backyard. Like most oaks, the Shumard will mature into the perfect tree for a tire swing or even a treehouse!

It is a medium-to-large tree whose canopy has a wide-spreading reach, which creates a large area of shade. This tree is a fast-growing species of oak that is very long-living and strong. This oak tree is known for its large dark green leaves that can grow up to eight inches long.

Live Oak


The Live Oak tree is a clean evergreen shade tree with dense dark green foliage that can add plenty of shade over your yard. Like the Shumard, it features stiff limbs for attaching a tire swing or building a treehouse for the kids. This hardy oak tolerates windy conditions and drought, too.

The Live Oak is known as the “mighty oak of the South,” which is why it fits perfectly anywhere in Texas. This oak is one of those trees that can create lifelong memories. We recommend getting a specimen Live Oak to get the best benefits of this tree as soon as it’s planted!



The Camphor tree is the perfect tree for the East Texas area, including Houston and Austin. This gorgeous evergreen shade tree thrives in humid areas, so they will establish strong root systems quickly in Texas.

In late spring, fragrant yellow flowers bloom abundantly, creating a beautiful contrast with its lush, dense green foliage. Specimen trees can provide plenty of shade, too! We like to plant them for shade and to block unwanted views in style.

Shade and beauty are not the only features this tree has to offer your home. The Camphor tree is known to keep mosquitoes away from your yard because of the scent in the leaves. Some people even enjoy the smell of its therapeutic aroma.

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