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Get to Know Our Moon Valley Nurseries Farms

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/14/19 10:00 AM

Did you know we have farms from the Southern California coast to the East of Texas?

glen flora

Almost every tree and plant material you find at Moon Valley Nurseries starts at our farms, so we take care of practically every tree since it was a seedling. It is important to us to make sure we are growing our own trees, so we know that we are planting the best trees for our customers.

Our farms are spread out across the southwestern states. This allows us to grow our trees in different climates and therefore continuously creating better and stronger trees for your regions. Let’s learn a bit more about some of our farms below.

Glen Flora Farms

Glen Flora Spec Aisle

As you will soon notice, most of our farms are located all over California. That is because California offers many different microclimates that let us breed and grow trees to a similar environment to ones that they will be shipped to once they reach a certain maturity.

Even with the luxury of different climates in one area, sometimes you just have to be at home to get the best of the best and the best is always found at our Glen Flora Farms. Just an hour from the greater Houston area, you will find our massive Texas growing operation in the small town of Glen Flora.

This farm boasts over 100 acres of land and fully in production. Nearly all the trees on this property are container-grown and ready for planting at a moment’s notice. The trees grown at this farm are shipped all over Texas, neighboring states, down to the Florida coast and more.

Schedule an appointment today and check out this amazing growing property.

Palm Paradise

Palm Paradise

Palm Paradise is a one-of-a-kind location in Escondido, CA. Escondido is only a few miles north of San Diego, right on the Interstate 15. If you ever find yourself on this stretch of road, you will not miss it! This location features almost 40 acres of incredible specimen palm trees.

You will find custom-grown exotic palms and massive specimens that we have harvested across the region. Our palms are delivered to customers all over California through the southwest to Texas and all the way to the other side of the country.

Olive Tree Farm

Right by Hemet, CA, we have a specialty and unique growing farm that focuses on Olive tree varieties. This farm was originally an Olive tree plantation that started in the 1930’s. Moon Valley Nurseries acquired the nearly 100-acre property of farmland and began harvesting and delivering trees to our clients for commercial and residential products.

After a huge renovation, the property was ready to go to another level with its new state-of-the-art water purification system and a fertilizer injection system. Now this farm grows thousands of Olive trees and many other high-demand varieties of trees and palms.

Growest at Riverside


Growest, located in Riverside, CA, is our biggest farm with nearly 800 acres of growing land. Fun fact: This property was almost developed into a golf course because of the many gentle rolling hills in the area. All the reasons that would have made this a great golf course also made it a great farm.

With almost perfect weather conditions all year-round, this location has proven to be invaluable for tree production. We also produce all the boxes for our trees at this location and box thousands of trees a month for delivery.


North of San Diego, you will find the Moon Valley Nurseries Fallbrook farm - sometimes referred to as the Fallbrook Growing Grounds. You will find practically everything growing on this almost 100-acre farm from our trees and palms to succulents to citrus and fruit. If you are ever in the area, look out for our big red tractor on the hill when you get to Rainbow Valley. It is another Moon Valley Nurseries site on Interstate 15 that cannot be missed.

Moon Valley Nurseries is the Grower

Spring TX 2-2

We know how crucial it is to plant trees that will flourish where they are going to be installed. Since the beginning, Moon Valley has always made it a point to create, grow, and care for their own trees. Our farms are chosen very particularly to make sure that we are choosing a property that can help us grow the best trees for our customers in every region that we are located. This allows us to carry only the best trees for you.