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Why Moon Valley Nurseries Trees are Container Grown

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/12/19 1:22 PM

We do a lot of things differently that sets us apart from other nurseries and one of the big differences is that we grow all our trees in containers made of wood! Watch the video below to learn more about our containers! 

I want to talk to you guys today a little bit about why we grow in boxes and specifically wooden box. So when you grow in a container, you're keeping all the roots intact, and that makes transplanting so much easier. And the reason we do a wooden box, well let’s think about it folks what’s wood made out of, it’s made out of trees. So, what better thing to use to insulate your roots. For those folks using black plastic pots, those pots get hot when it gets hot out and cold when it gets cold out and those roots want nothing to do with that their use to being in the ground. So, the wooden box insulates them so much better and therefore you have a healthier tree. For those folks growing out in the fields and then they dig those up they’re cutting the roots. They’re cutting the life force of that tree so what happens with those is when they first go back into the ground in their new home, they have to grow roots first so you’re not going to see any kind of top growth for at least 3 years and that’s the benefit of a box grown trees they go in and grow so your investment starts to multiply.