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Stone Fruit Trees Spotlight

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/12/19 1:23 PM

Ready to start growing your own food and picking them straight from your own yard? Learn more about the best Stone Fruit trees for Texas!

Here are Moon Valley Nurseries, we wanted to show you a little about the fruit trees that we have available. We have all sorts of different stone fruits meaning plums, peaches, pears, apples, that just do phenomenal for this planting area. We also carry a ton of different citrus varieties as well that grow really great out here. I love to use the plum trees. They love the Texas heat. They get actually really nice Fall color to them as well and they always will produce for you, year one. Here at Moon Valley Nursery we carry instant fruit trees meaning whatever age you buy you’ll have fruit that year. We have all the tools needed. All the product needed to make them grow. Come see what we have available we’ll get it planted in your yard as soon as possible.

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