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Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/9/20 1:37 PM


1200x630 TX Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Spring planting will be here before you know it, and the weather is giving us a gorgeous early spring so we can start planting now! It is an excellent time to get your yard ready for the season and the arrival of butterflies and blooms that can add plenty of color and interest to your landscape. 

Planting earlier gives your trees and plants more time to establish strong roots before the late spring/summer. Healthy, strong roots will provide you with strong trees for years. All our trees are grown in the Houston area and can handle the Texas weather all year long. This is the absolute best time to plant - don't be fooled by the garden centers! 

Tips to get Your Yard Ready for Spring

  • Remove Weeds - Pull them out or use pre-emergent herbicides (found at Moon Valley Nurseries!).
  • Clean up Debris – Rake leaves and any other debris so that the plants can take in sunlight. Fallen leaves and dead foliage can smother plants and cause issues.
  • Plant and Feed – apply fertilizers around trees, shrubs, grass, and perennials.
  • Add Mulch – Mulch acts as a barrier so that it can keep the seeds of weeds at bay and helps retain more water for your plants.
  • Clean your lawn and garden equipment
  • Evaluate the health and appearance of shrubs, trees, and other plants
  • Prune Damaged Branches  – Prune branches back and add fertilizers afterward.
  • Seed and fertilize your lawn in any damaged or patchy areas.

Trees to Plant for Spring in Texas

Windmill palm


It might feel like it’s a little too cold to be thinking about swimming in your pool. However, once the heat turns up, you’re going to want to hang out poolside, and the Windmill palm, with its compact form and resort-style features, looks absolutely stunning around pools. These smaller-sized fan palms are also one of the best choices for small gardens. These are tough and hardy palms and are very cold-hardy and drought-tolerant once established.



This is the “Mighty Oak of the South,” so they are very hardy trees ideal for growing in the Central and Eastern areas of Texas. People love them for many reasons. They can provide plenty of shade during our hot, scorching summer, or they can be planted in rows to create a natural privacy screen. Live Oaks keep their dense, dark green foliage all year, and their thick, sturdy trunks and branches hold up well to environmental effects. These majestic trees are easy to maintain, just let them grow with little to no special care required.

med fan


We love to plant this resort-style palm tree in any landscape as a tropical accent or as a focal point. People love them because they will rarely outgrow their space, and spotlighting can add an impressive effect against walls at night! These fan palms are also an excellent choice for poolside planting and can add tropical diversity to any Texas landscape.

Monterrey Oak-1


These semi-evergreens are also known by the names Mexican Oak and White Oak, and these Texas natives are favorites around Texas. Monterrey Oaks can bring maximum shade coverage to its surrounding areas. We like to plant these oaks in front yards so that they can add plenty of curb appeal to the home and the community. They can also bring about a nice change of seasonal colors. The new growth of bronze to pinkish bronze-colored leaves transition to vibrant green color throughout the year.



D.D. Blanchard variety of Magnolias have glossy green leaves with an orange-brown hue to the underside of the foliage. The canopy grows into a pyramidal shape that creates year-round shade. Tolerant to heat and cold, this water-wise variety produces white blooms through summer and fall, creating a display of giant flowers spread out across the foliage. This tree will surely bring hummingbirds and other pollinators to check out the flowers too! Because of its larger size, the D.D. Blanchard can be used as a focal point anywhere in your yard or placed in areas so that it can provide more shade for your home.

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