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Top Evergreen Shade Trees For Houston Homes

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 2/9/17 12:57 PM
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If you're a homeowner looking for big shade and minimal maintenance, you have come to the correct blog post. Evergreen trees will retain their leaves throughout the year, which eliminates all the time you'll have to spend cleaning up a mess. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we specialize in big shade evergreen trees for homeowners in the Houston area. 

Right now is also the most ideal time to plant these beautiful trees. You want to get them into the ground well before the summer months set in! If you're in need of a little extra help with your landscape, schedule a free professional design consultation right here


Live Oak

One of the most stunning trees on display, the Live Oak is a great choice for Houston plating because of its adaptability, performance in the hot summer months and its ability to grow in tough soil conditions. Its name is derived from its ability to “live” throughout the winter when other oaks are dormant or leafless. It has a wide canopy of dark green leaves and when planted in rows it can give your landscape a privacy wall or shade barrier that provides immense protection and beauty. 



Italian Cypress

No other tree captures the Tuscan landscape like the Italian Cypress and fortunately for us it performs extraordinarily well in our climate. Its tall elegant narrow shape allows it to be planted nearly anywhere in a landscape. Our customers have used the elegance of the Italian Cypress as a formal entrance, a backdrop, and as a border. In addition to their natural beauty, their ability to thrive in sunny climates with low water requirements and minimal maintenance has made it a popular tree for homeowners. Plus, it will stay green all year long.



Japanese Blueberry

The Japanese Blueberry is a visually appealing evergreen due to its dense, lush foliage and striking leaf color throughout the year which provides a fantastic backdrop for contrasting flowers and shrubs. It thrives in full sun and handle the cold extremely well. It has become one of Houston’s most planted hedge and tree variety and is an excellent choice for just about any landscape. 




Magnolias are a popular choice our customers at Moon Valley Nurseries. Many are drawn to the magnolia's softball-sized and fragrant white flowers, which are truly breathtaking. The flowers bloom throughout the summer and fall and they attract many of our pollinating friends. Now, the flowers aren't the only thing that makes the Magnolia a popular tree for our region. Many of our customers love the attractive glossy leaves and the Magnolia's ability to produce a thick canopy for summer shade relief. Magnolia are are super easy to grow and they can handle even the hottest of summer days. 



Carolina Cherry

The Carolina Cherry, prunus caroliniana 'Compacta', we offer at Moon Valley Nurseries is far superior to what you will find at other nurseries. The variety we offer is denser allowing homeowners to plant these for a privacy wall. Our Carolina Cherry's are less woody and they are non-invasive. It loves the heat and as an evergreen, they require minimal maintenance clean up. It is both drought and heat tolerant.


Moon Valley Nurseries is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience and they will be able to assist you with any projects or questions you may have. Remember to change your watering schedule as we enter the winter and be sure to map a Moon Valley Nurseries locations right here.