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Spring Planting Season Starts Now!

Posted by Jessica Downs on 3/22/19 8:00 AM

The 2019 spring season is now officially here, and the weather could not be more perfect! Most of you are probably enjoying getting outside and going camping or having barbeques in the back yard this time of year. Since you have been spending more time outside, you may have been looking closely at your own yard and starting to think of ways to update the landscape.

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What do you see when you look around your yard right now? You could add some trees that offer shade to certain parts of your yard or add bright shrubs or flowering tree to add some diversity to a bland area. You might notice you can see your neighbor’s window more than you thought before and need a tree to block that view!

Keep reading to see which trees our Texas nursery experts recommend for planting in the spring. Don’t forget we have trees in all different sizes. If you want to start enjoying your tree sooner, ask us about our specimen-sized trees.

Best Spring Planting Trees

Eastern Redbud Treeeastern-redbud-1

An Eastern Redbud tree in bloom is a remarkable sight. Long-lasting blooms of rosy-pink flowers arrive in early spring, putting on a show for weeks. Under optimal growing conditions, this tree also starts flowering at a young age. Their horizontal branching pattern adds architectural intrigue. Their smaller size makes them ideal as understory trees. Plant them in groupings to create a stunning landscape scene! Eastern Redbuds are the perfect trees for smaller yards!


Flowering Pear Tree

Flowering Pear

The name of this tree leaves no surprises as to the amazing features it offers in a landscape. By the beginning of spring, this tree will start to produce showy white flowers and radiant foliage. The foliage grows in a unique oval shape that turns from glossy dark green to rich maroon in the fall. The leaves and flowers make for a fun color show all year-round with flowers booming in the spring time and leaves changing in the fall. Considered to be the first blooming tree of the year, the deciduous Flowering Pear tree is an excellent lawn tree. We like to plant them with shrub roses to create a stunning display of landscape color.


Camphor Treecamphor

These evergreen shade trees thrive in humid areas, so they are perfect for Houston and Austin areas! In late spring, fragrant yellow flowers bloom abundantly, creating a beautiful contrast with its lush, dense green foliage. Some people enjoy crushing the leaves, which can induce a therapeutic aroma. Specimen size trees can provide plenty of shade, too! We like to plant them for shade and to block unwanted views in style.



Some of you might know this tree by other names such as the Fern Pine and African Fern Pine. This is a low maintenance, clean evergreen that is resistant to both pests and disease. Podocarpus can thrive in both full sun and partial shade. Its dagger-shaped leaves are a soft, grayish-green to bluish-green color. It can be pruned into a variety of shapes dependent on your desired look. This tree is great planted in rows to create more privacy for your home.


Stone Fruitssanta-rosa-plum

Stone fruit trees can produce some of the loveliest flowers and are excellent landscape trees for privacy screens or for merely adding beauty to your landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries sells low-chill variety stone fruit trees that have great fruit production in our climate.

Stone Fruits, such as our Plum trees, are self-fruitful and have a stunning show of white flowers. These flowers will create an extra allure to your trees while they are blooming in the months of spring. Plant them in full sun and watch this tree flourish in fruit and flowers for years.



Benefits of Planting in Spring

·  Add Shade and Privacy

Now that the sun is out longer, you might notice that your yard could use more shade or privacy so that you can hang out comfortably any time of the day.

·  Ready for Summer

We recommend planting mature trees in spring so that you can enjoy the benefits from them immediately. Planting them now will also help the trees roots establish themselves in the soil. Root establishment will keep your tree strong during the summer.

·  Many Trees to Choose from

Now is the time to go visit your nearest nursery! We have truckloads of trees being delivered daily from our farms to our Texas locations, so we can guarantee that we have your future tree (if we don’t, we will find it for you!).

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