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The Trees of Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/12/18 8:15 AM

time to start planting for the fall!

The fall season is here, school is back in session, football is back on Sundays, and excuses for working out in the yard are out the window! It's getting cooler and nature is quickly turning lavish in a variety of colors! Many of our trees at Moon Valley Nurseries have the stunning fall reds, purples, yellows, and oranges that we have come to love this time of year. Not only is this the best time to add some fall color to your yard but the cooler weather is an excellent time to plant (for you and your plants!).

Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii)shumard oak tree, fall trees, red leaves, moon valley nurseries

The Shumard Oak is one of the best trees to include into a landscape because it’s probably the tree most people imagine when they think of a fun tree in the backyard. It is a medium to large tree whose canopy has a wide spreading reach which creates a large area of shade. This tree is a fast-growing species of oak that is very long-living and strong. This Oak tree is known for its large dark green leaves that can grow up to eight inches long. Another benefit of having the Shumard Oak Tree in your landscape is the beautiful vibrant red orange colors that take over the canopy of leaves during the Fall season that will get you into the holiday spirit. This is the perfect tree to set up a tire swing, have a picnic under, or take some classy family photos!

Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) crape myrtle tree, fall trees, moon valley nurseries

Adding splashes of color to their landscapes is a popular request from our customers when they start to look for new plants and trees. With so many choices and varieties to choose from, planning your yard can be difficult! One of the best choices when increasing bursts of color throughout your yard is the Crape Myrtle Tree. These trees bloom from late spring through the fall season and are the perfect addition to any front or back yard. In the fall, the Crape Myrtle Tree produces exquisite flowers that come out in many colors such as pink, red, and white, which contrasts well with the trees fall foliage. Because the Crape Myrtle stays small to medium in size, they can be planted almost anywhere. They will look lovely if they are planted in clusters or in an accent location in your yard. For the finest blooms, we recommend pruning in the winter while the tree is dormant to allow for new and healthier foliage.

Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia) elm tree, cedar elm, moon valley nurseries

When you imagine yourself on a fall crisp day, bundled up in your jacket and boots, you probably also picture rows of Cedar Elm Trees filling your view with gorgeous golden yellow leaves (...did I just describe the beginning of every Hallmark Channel movie?). This tree does amazing in Texas because of how strong it is to all kinds of weather and most types of soil. Full sun is ideal for the Cedar Elm, which is also drought tolerant. These traits make it perfect for some extra summer shade around your house. Just one of these trees will make a noticeable difference with its wide spreading canopy so imagine how nice four or five of them will look and feel in your yard!

Red Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Blaze’) MAPLE

The name should give away why it’s on this list, but the Red Maple Tree has the fall season in its name - Autumn Blaze!! If you have never seen one, you might wonder how it got that name. This deciduous tree is a great shade tree with a thick, dark green canopy most of the year. Come fall, the Red Maple puts on a vibrant show! As soon as the weather cools down, the canopy of this tree turns bright red and stands out from very far away. Another great aspect of this tree is how easy it is to maintain. It can be planted in any soil type, loves the humid air, loves full sun, and can handle low to moderate watering cycles.

Honorable Mention - If the Red Maple just isn’t bright enough for you, check out the October Glory Red Maple Tree. They produce a brighter orange-red coloring and hold on to the leaves a bit longer than other maple trees.

What do you think of our favorite trees of fall? Let us know which one your favorite is or share your favorites that didn’t make our list!

Find a Moon Valley Nurseries location near you and come check these trees out soon and you will see the colors in full vibrant action! Our trees come with #freeplanting, so you don't have to do the hard work! So, check out these fall favorites and one of our experts will help you get the perfect trees in your yard!

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