Top 3 Reasons to Plant Fast-Growing Trees

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/25/19, 8:00 AM

1.    Shade

When planted around your home, trees can create a completely different environment than what you would have without them. Not only do trees around your home add massive shade to parts of your landscape, they can make the temperature drop and give you a cooler experience than your neighbor just right across the street. They can even keep the interior of your home cooler, which means less strain on your A/C unit.

2.    Privacy

Many people add new foliage to their yard because they want to create a bit of privacy from the world around them. Trees are often planted as an alternative to privacy hedges or hedge walls. They not only stop people from seeing into your property, but their thicker canopy and extra height allows the tree to block out unwanted noises such as traffic or parks nearby. We especially recommend fast-growing trees in the backyard to block nearby windows for ultimate privacy!

3.    Property Value

Unless you are flipping a home or just ready to sell yours, property value is usually not the primary reason our customers want to add but it is ALWAYS a nice perk to realize how much value you are adding to your home. By adding to your landscape, and adding shade and privacy, the value of your home could go up by as much as 28%. Depending on how much you invest in your yard, you could be getting it all back in due time.

Best 5 Fast-Growing Trees to Plant Now

Live Oaklive oak-4

This shade tree creates a classic landscape that the whole family will enjoy over the years. Live Oak trees have dense, dark green foliage that creates a large crown that spreads wide around the dark trunk. These trees are extremely drought tolerant and require low water intake, perfect for our warm, sometimes scorching, climate. The Live Oak is a great choice for planting because of its performance in the hot summer months and its ability to grow in tough soil conditions. It has a wide canopy of dark green leaves and when planted in rows it can give your landscape a privacy wall or shade barrier that provides immense overall protection.



If you are wanting to add some vintage southern charm to your landscape, the always popular Magnolia will check off all those boxes for you! A popular symbol of the South, the Magnolia tree is a visually-pleasing tree. The striking foliage spreads out and into a large canopy that is filled with white fragrant blooming flowers and an elegant evergreen appearance. It grows in a pyramidical shape, which adds a more formal look to a home when planted in entryways or driveways. This classic tree is easy to grow, mainly because they thrive in our warmest and coldest times of the year for our region.


Japanese Blueberryjapanese_blueberry_logo

The Japanese Blueberry is a visually appealing evergreen due to its dense, lush foliage and striking leaf color that stays all year long. This tree provides a fantastic backdrop for contrasting flowers and shrubs planted in front of or around it. The Japanese Blueberry thrives when planted in an area with full sun exposure, can also handle the cold extremely well, and is super easy to maintain year-round. It has become one of our most planted hedge material for Texas and is an excellent choice that fits into any landscape style.



Shumard OakSHUMARD OAK-1

The Shumard Oak is one of the best trees to include into your landscape because of its picturesque and classic look.  It is a medium-to-large tree with a canopy that offers a wide-spreading reach which creates a large area of shade. This tree is a fast-growing species of oak that is very long-living and durable. This oak tree is known for its large dark green leaves that can grow as long as eight inches long. This tree can be used for the front yard, back yard, parks, streets – they work anywhere! The Shumard Oak will instantly create curb appeal to your home and add value to your property.


Monterrey OakMEXICAN_OAK_1445_650x650

This tree is also commonly known as the Mexican Oak but don’t let the names confuse you. This Texas native features a wide-spreading canopy that can produce dense shade in the summer because of their dense exotic-looking green foliage, which will help keep your home cooler. Plant a specimen size tree and start enjoying this beautiful tree from the day it is planted in your yard. These oak trees have a long lifespan so that generations upon generations can enjoy this great family tree. The best part of the Mexican Oak is the minimal upkeep needed to take care of it and how tough the tree is against weather, especially the Texas heat!


Moon Valley Nurseries Difference

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we take incredible pride in growing and maintaining the best selection of trees for our clients. We deliver and plant anything and everything in our massive inventory. Since we are the grower, we always guarantee the best trees! All our locations have friendly nursery professionals waiting to help you get exactly what you need!