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Top 5 Reasons to Plant Shade Trees

Posted by Arica Harrison on 5/17/18 1:35 PM


We all appreciate the shade that trees provide for us in the hot, sunny days in Texas. But there are more reasons to why shade trees are important than just shade. Here are our top reasons why you should plant shade trees now!

  1. Save on Your Utilities by Properly Planting a Tree-Did you know it’s possible to reduce the cost of our air conditioning use by up to 50 percent? All we need to do is plant a few trees strategically around our homes to naturally cool down them down. Ask a Moon Valley nursery pro on the proper places to plant shade trees to cut your utility costs, and start saving!
  1. Trees Block Unwanted Things and Create Privacy-Trees are perfect for creating privacy from neighbors. Planting trees around our homes can also block out wind, dust, and other unwanted things. They can also be used as sound barriers, blocking out noise from busy streets or parks. Do you have an unsightly view from your backyard? Shade trees can be used to conceal unwanted views such as parking lots and concrete walls.
  1. Trees Increase Property Value-A simple and easy way to increase the property value of our homes? Create a beautiful and well-designed landscape! By doing this, we can increase our property value by as much as 15 percent!
  1. Trees Mark the Seasons-There’s nothing like watching the change of one season into the next! And trees are perfect for us to witness the change first-hand. Shade trees provide gorgeous fall colors of reds and oranges, then in the spring and summer, we can have vibrant greens. And, with certain trees, we get pop of colors on those that bloom beautiful flowers. Let’s add some variety to our landscapes!
  1. Trees Create Cooler Environments-With average temperatures rising due to the increase in heat-absorbing roads and buildings, and a decline in tree coverage and tree planting, we need to do something! By planting trees, we can help cool our environments by creating shade for our homes and streets.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we only grow from our premium quality specimens at our own local farms. And since we grow locally, our trees are custom grown to thrive in our environment. Below are some of our favorite shade trees for Texas.

tipu tree (2)Tipu (Tipuana tipu) –This tree gives year-round interest with its feathery, bright bluish-green foliage and golden blooms that appear from spring to summer. Tipuana tipu is a fast-growing, semi-evergreen that is drought tolerant once established. Tipu trees love full sun exposure and can thrive in intense desert heat and cold. It is a versatile tree that is perfect as a street or lawn tree and around a patio or walkway. A bonus, these trees attract butterflies. So, sit back and enjoy the view!





live_oak_specimen_SLIDE_1Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) – Native to Southern Texas! Also known as “Southern Live Oak,” these trees are drought tolerant and require low water. Live Oaks have dense, dark green leaves that make up the large, wide canopy that provides massive amounts of shade. This “mighty oak of the South” is a shade tree that the whole family can enjoy! Use the giant canopy as a shady spot for a picnic or climb up the strong limbs.





Chinese ElmChinese Elm ‘True Green’ (Ulmus parvifolia) – A favorite among homeowners! Moon Valley carries the ‘True Green’ strain which does not weep. Chinese Elms have wide, natural umbrella-shaped canopies that provide generous amounts of shade. It is fast-growing, so the canopy will spread quickly, giving you shade without the long wait! Ulmus parvifolia have small, deep green leaves and mottled bark that resembles camouflage-like patterns. Perfect for hanging up a swing or carving your initials into the trunk, start making some memories!