Why Your Trees & Plants Aren't Growing Right

Why Your Trees & Plants Aren't Growing Right

By Walt Conrad on May, 2 2013
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Walt Conrad

Walt has extensive background in landscape design and trees and plants native to the Soutwest. He loves spending time in the nurseries and helping customers find solutions to their landscape problems.

Why your trees and plants may not be growing well

Many homeowners buy fast-growing shrubs and trees because they want them to reach larger sizes quickly, in order to accomplish certain goals. We use these types of plant material with rapid growth rates to block unwanted views by way of privacy hedges, or shade a portion of our yards and homes with larger shade trees

For some, after their newly planted trees and shrubs have gone through a growing season they become discouraged because their plants are nearly the same size they were when they purchased them.

The typical first response at this point is always the same. You feel stuck thinking, "I got the wrong shrub or tree!" The fact is, the reason your new plants may not be growing to their full potential may be found in the way you are caring for them. 

Newly Planted Trees

Super Charged Moon Juice™ at Moon Valley NurseriesEvery shrub or tree you plant will have a time period where they will settle into your yard and become established in your landscape. The fastest way to get your plants to establish after being planted is with proper watering and nutrients.

Using Super Charged Moon Juice™ when planting will promote healthy root growth, allowing your new trees and plants to soak up extra nutrients, mitigate the effects of transplant shock, and establish quickly in order to begin growing beautifully in your yard!


Established Trees

There are two main reasons why your shrubs and trees may not performing well after they have become established. You may be watering incorrectly and not feeding your trees and shrubs properly. We commonly see situations where homeowners aren't fertilizing and are watering frequently, but with short application windows. This typically won't give them what they need to continue to grow well, especially during extreme weather.

How to Water Your Trees & Plants

Watering at Moon Valley NurseriesYou should water all your shrubs to a depth of 18-24’’ each time and allow them to dry a bit before you water them again. What you are doing here is building up a water reservoir underground that allows the plant to take up the reserve of water during hot and windy days. You will want to water your trees in a similar manner, but give them enough water to saturate the root ball down to about 36’’ each time.


This does two things. First, it helps you conserve water. Using shallow waterings to supply your trees and plants makes it difficult to saturate the feeder roots below the topsoil. 

Deep watering also saves you money. Watering deeply a few times a week will decrease the amount of water that evaporates from the soil and in the end save you money on your monthly water bill while growing your trees and plants to their full glory!

How to Feed Your Trees & Plants

The second issue to look into if your yard is not growing the way it should is your fertilization routine. You may not be feeding your plants enough. Trees and shrubs need to be fed regularly to keep them at their healthiest and to promote strong, vibrant growth.


Monthly applications of our Moon Dust Fertilizer applied March through October will keep your plants growing at their full capacity. Additionally, healthy, well-fed plants do not die and are less prone to insects and disease.


If you ever have any questions regarding watering please give one of our nursery professionals a call at your local Moon Valley Nurseries and we will be happy to help you with all of your watering needs, as well as any other questions. You can also check out our collection of watering guides to find info on your specific region. Our goal is the same as your goal; we want your trees and plants to grow to their fullest potential, so that you can have the dream yard you've always wanted!


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