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Moon Juice to the Rescue!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 12/8/2017


Moon Juice is great for trees and plants all year long! It’s true! In fact, our Super Charged Moon Juice is especially useful in helping trees and plants get through harsh weather conditions, such as extreme cold, heat, damaging winds, and more! Get this - roots are growing when it's cold outside and the ground is warm and using Moon Juice enhances the root growth! Cold weather has got nothing on Moon Juice! After all, it's made to keep roots stronger through the cold weather and helps them fight off damage from overly cold nights!

Click Here to Buy Now!Why Moon Juice is So Great

Our region has tough soils, from clay to sand and mixed soils to name few. That can be an issue, but not with our Super Charged Moon Juice. You see, Moon Juice is designed specifically for growing in our region, so your trees and plants can thrive no matter which type of soil they are growing in. How does it do it? Well, every bottle of our Super Charged Moon Juice contains Furst Liquid Technology. This technology is a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and amino acids so that it can stimulate the growth signals within trees and other plants. That’s not all it does! This blend can also increase nutrient uptake so that it can promote new growth. Also, it can help improve fertilizer efficiency and can be used to help enhance the ability of trees and plants to ward off disease.

This incredible Moon Juice blend is comprised of every tree and plants three most essential micro-nutrients - Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. These are the three most critical micro-nutrients required by every plant, and these nutrients are typically deficient in the soil where we live. Moon Juice comes to the rescue because it not only has the three most essential micro-nutrients required, it also includes Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), which has a beneficial effect on new plantings!




Using Super Charged Moon Juice Can:

  • Roots are growing when it's cool outside and the ground is warm and using Moon Juice enhances the root growth
  • Keeps roots stronger through the cold weather and helps them fight off damage from overly cold nights
  • Enhance the ability of plants to ward off diseases
  • Enhance the ability to ward off possible infestations and infections from outside sources
  • Helps plants prevent and recover from the stresses caused by extreme events such as heat, frost, freeze, transplanting and other events
  • Maximize tree and plant performance!
You will want to use Moon Juice immediately after new transplanting, freeze or wind damage, stress caused by heat or any other stressful events.

How to Use Moon Juicemoon_juice_application

Don’t worry, using Moon Juice is very easy! In fact, all you have to do is follow the easy to follow directions labeled on the package! Just mix with water and apply to the root area, it really is that easy! The amount you want to use will vary by the size and type of trees and plants, so just be sure to read the usage directions on the bottle label, and you are good to go! Always be sure to water trees and plants thoroughly after applying any nutrients and fertilizers, and that’s it!

Where Can I Get Super Charged Moon Juice?           

Moon Juice is available at any of our Moon Valley Nurseries! Anyone in California, Arizona, and Nevada can take advantage of this amazing blend so that trees and other plants can thrive under a myriad of conditions! Click here to find your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and be sure to check out our complete line of fertilizers and nutrients specifically for where we live!

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Trees and Plants Make Perfect Gifts!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/21/2017

Give the gift that keeps on giving – trees and plants! That’s right, why not give a gift that grows with you and one that can also bring beauty, privacy, and shade to our landscape. Of course, a beautiful new landscape is also a gift that can increase property value too. When you plant trees, shrubs, palms, succulents, and other plants, you are not only adorning your landscape; you’re also helping the environment by adding living things that can release oxygen and can help to clean the air. It’s a gift for our planet too. You win, and our environment wins!

Did you know that two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four? And when you hear news like that, you just have to plant more trees! When it comes to creating a beautiful landscape that benefits every one of us, you cannot beat the premium-quality selection of trees and other plants for sale at Moon Valley Nurseries. We have mature trees available right now so that they can release oxygen, provide shade, and block unwanted views in style. Of course, the experience of growing trees and plants is one that creates lifelong memories too. Big or small, gifts that grow make the perfect presents!

P.S. It’s perfectly fine to give the gift of a tree to yourself, and we sell gift cards so that your gift recipient can pick what they want! BUY YOUR GIFT CARD TODAY  Click Here!

Professional Landscape Design Consultations


When you visit any of our large nurseries, feel free to speak with our expert landscape designers. In fact, our landscape design consultations are free at our nurseries, and for a small fee, we can come to your location. Either way, we can help you with your landscaping goals, whether working from scratch or you want to replace the trees and shrubs the builders chose! Visit us and handpick the perfect trees for the perfect spot in your yard. And if it’s a gift for someone special, bring them along (sure you might spoil the surprise, but when they see all the healthy, beautiful trees in stock, they won't mind!)

Financing Makes It Easy!

Maybe you know someone that has just bought a new home, and you want to give them one of the best housewarming gifts you can find. If you think that you can’t afford big trees or even create a new landscape, think again. After all, we value engineer all our products so that you can get the bigger trees at the lowest price. And with our financing option through GreenSky, it cannot get any easier to buy the perfect trees and plants you want. Yes, if you gift a tree, you’ll have a lifelong friend! Click Here For Easy Financing!


Our Top Pick Trees That Make Perfect Gifts!

Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius):brazilian_pepper

Festive trees such as the Brazilian Pepper are made for gift wrap bows! These beautiful evergreen trees feature glossy dark green leaves, and in the winter, they bloom red berries that look as if they’re made just for the holidays. Mature trees can grow a wide-spreading canopy that is dense and able to provide plenty of shade! We like to use them as a focal point in any landscape, and these are also excellent trees for adding privacy. Place a park bench nearby and bask in a peaceful spot so that you can enjoy all the birds and butterflies that are attracted to this tree!


Live Oak (Quercus virginiana):live_oak

These evergreens are trees that the entire family will love. Mature specimens offer a picturesque spot for a picnic, and the strong limbs are just begging to be climbed on and explored! Bird feeders and owl boxes are the perfect stocking stuffers, and if there’s a bird watcher in your family, they will love to watch the birds cavorting. Homeowners and landscapers alike appreciate their low-maintenance needs, and they provide plenty of shade to cool off during the blazing hot summer. These are drought tolerant trees with little to no special care required once established. They are also considered by many to be the best oak for lawn planting.

Ficus nitida or rubiginosa (Arizona and California only):


Ficus nitida and rubiginosa are both reliable trees capable of providing shade and blocking unwanted views! In fact, our Indian Laurel Column specimens are often used to create a thick, evergreen privacy hedge that is almost impossible to see through, which is why they have also been planted near busy streets so that they can filter loud noises. Both types look fantastic in any landscape, and the dense growth habit of the rubiginosa and their compact size makes them an ideal shade tree for smaller yards. Plant any of these Ficus trees and create a stylish backyard retreat.

We do not sell or recommend the Ficus tree for the Las Vegas area. However, keep reading for a viable alternative.

Perfect Tree for Vegas!australian_bottle

Australian Bottle (Brachychiton populneus):

These tall and narrow evergreens are ideal for Nevada, Arizona, and California. We like to plant mature trees in yards for adding a massive amount of shade and privacy. When planted in a row they can also be used as an effective wind barrier. Their bright green leaves are attractive all year long, and people love them because they can thrive with little maintenance required. These trees have an upright, narrow form so that they are perfect for closed-in areas!


#FREEPLANTING on all Box Sized Trees

The gift just keeps getting better with free professional planting on all box sized trees! That’s right! Free professional planting makes it easier than ever to have a beautiful new landscape. Of course, we offer free planting on all box sized trees all year long, so when you’re ready to give yourself the gift of trees, you can let our crew do all the work!

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How To Prepare Your Yard For Cooler Weather

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/17/2017

watering_.pngWinter is coming, and this means cooler temperatures are headed our way. Our upcoming winter also means that we need to start adjusting water timers for cooler temperatures so that our trees, shrubs and other plants can thrive during this season. We can also do other things to help prepare our yard for cooler weather. Taking the proper steps to protect our trees and plants from the cooler temperatures ensures that they are ready for spring, which will be here before you know it! Don’t wait to get your yard ready for cooler temperatures. Here are some tips to get your yard ready for the winter from our nursery professionals!

When winter comes, we experience colder days and less sunlight. These types of conditions can cause the soil to stay moist for a more extended period. From November to February, we recommend decreasing the number of times you water your trees and plants.

Tip: Factors such as water, plant maturity, type of plant/tree, and soil types affect where to water, how much to water, how fast and how often to apply the water.

What Time Should I Water?

Our experts recommend watering in the morning, as this is when the ground is at its coldest point. In the morning, the temperatures are cooler, and the air is calmer so that these kinds of conditions will keep evaporation to a minimum. And let’s face it, the morning is the perfect time to get out and enjoy our garden!

How Much Water Should I Use?

Knowing the proper watering depths is critical. The goal is to apply enough water so that it can wet the soil. We recommend using a pointed metal rod so that you can test how deep you have watered. Insert the rod into the ground right after watering. You’ll know you have added the proper amount of water if the rod slides effortlessly through the wet soil and becomes difficult to push once it hits the dry soil. For trees, the proper water depth is 3 feet, shrubs 2 feet, and flowers should be 12 – 18-inches.

moon-juice-application.pngWhere Should I Water?

For best results, our experts recommend watering around the tree and not just at the base. We also recommend using Super Charged Moon Juice, which can help accelerate moisture intake so that it also provides the vital nutrients for optimal growth. Using our Moon Juice can also help protect our trees and plants from the colder weather so that they can get a head start when spring comes. Be sure to apply the water only as fast as the soil can absorb it. Adding water too quickly can cause erosion, is a waste of water and compacts the surface of the soil.

Watering New Trees in California (0 – 2 Years from Planting):

Low Water and Waterwise Varieties: Fall: water 1x per week / Winter: water 1x every ten days

Moderate Water Use Varieties: Fall: water 2x a week / Winter: 1x per week

Watering Existing Trees in California (2+ Years from Planting):

Low Water and Waterwise Varieties: Fall: water 1x every ten days / Winter: water 1x every 14 -21 days

Moderate Water Use Varieties: Fall: water 1x every ten days / Winter: 1x every 14 days

Watering New Trees in Arizona and Nevada (0 – 2 Years from Planting):

Low Water and Waterwise Varieties: Fall: water 1x per week / Winter: water 1x every ten days

Moderate Water Use Varieties: Fall: water 2x a week / Winter: 1x per week

Tropical Varieties: Fall: 2x per week / Winter: 1x per week

Watering Existing Trees in Arizona and Nevada (2+ Years from Planting):

Low Water and Waterwise Varieties: Fall: water 1x every ten days / Winter: water 1x every 14 - 21 days

Moderate Water Use Varieties: Fall: water 1x every ten days / Winter: 1x every 14 days

Tropical Varieties: Fall: 1x per week / Winter: 1x every 10 – 14 days

Protect Your Trees and Plants

While our temperatures tend to stay on the comfortable side, we do get those nights and days when the temperatures drop to freezing or frost conditions. When temperatures dip this low, we recommend covering your plants with a frost cloth. A frost cloth can help insulate your trees and plants and can also help them retain ambient heat that comes from the soil. You can also use burlap or other cloth materials. However, NEVER USE A PLASTIC COVER because plastic material increases the chance of freeze damage! Once the sun rises and the temperature has risen above freezing, remove the cover! Once the sun rises and the temperature has risen above freezing, remove the cover.

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3 Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant Right Now

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/16/2017

There is no doubt about it, right now is an excellent time to plant a variety of trees and shrubs! That’s right, many trees and shrubs thrive during this time of the year and at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have got you covered with what you need to have a beautiful landscape – no matter what the season may be!

Fall colors are in fashion this time of the year, producing the colors that trigger good memories and adding the curb appeal that gets your yard noticed for all the right reasons! And as we get closer to December, there are also trees and shrubs that add wonderful festive colors that perfectly complement the Holiday season!

3 Trees to Plant Right Now

brazilian_pepperBrazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthefolius):These medium to large shade trees are winter bloomers and are sure to bring out the festive mood in any landscape! During winter, showy bright red berries appear, creating a picturesque scene as the ornamental berries contrast perfectly with the dark glossy green leaves that this evergreen tree is prized for! And for those crafty types – you can cut the branches and use them in holiday-themed flower arrangements. These cold hardy trees are excellent for adding year-round privacy and provide a beautiful shady spot to rest under when the sun turns up the heat.

arizona_ashArizona Ash (Fraxinus velutina): These fast-growing trees put on a show in the fall when the velvety gray-green leaves turn to bright yellow in the fall! This deciduous tree lets the warmth of the sun in during the winter and creates an abundance of shade in the summer! They are a seedless variety, so they only require clean up after dropping their leaves in the fall. Attractive at any stage in life – pyramidal form when young and spreading nice and wide when mature. Homeowners and commercial property owners rave how these trees boast a beautiful and lush look even in adverse conditions!

chinese_elmChinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia): We grow the 'True Green’ strain, a non-weeping large semi-evergreen with very dark green foliage and a wide, umbrella-shaped canopy that can bring a massive amount of shade to any sun-drenched yard. Families love mature-sized trees because they are good for climbing and exploring or attaching a tire swing. We also love the mottled-bark, which resembles camouflage-like patterns giving this tree its uniquely attractive appearance. These fast-growing trees love to grow in a location with full sun exposure and are attractive young and mature!


3 Shrubs to Plant Right Now

nandina_gulf_stream_heavenlyBamboo ‘Gulf Stream Heavenly’ (Nandina domestica ‘Gulf Stream’):These are one of the best compact shrubs you can find, and they can put on a show all year long! Their ever-changing foliage goes from scarlet-red in spring to blue-green in the summer. These are cold hardy shrubs, and they make a colorful addition to any landscape. The ‘Gulf Stream’ variety has improved foliage color in the fall with purple and bronze tinted foliage turning to a fiery crimson red in winter, just in time for the holiday season! We like to use them as an informal hedge or as a foundation planting.

plumbagoPlumbago (Plumbago capensis): These evergreen shrubs can create a visual explosion of sky blue flower clusters in the spring and fall, adding plenty of color to any landscape! They have a tropical look and can add a nice touch of beauty around patios and decks. We like to use them as an excellent background, or transition plant and their easy-care and low-maintenance makes them a favorite for both homeowners and landscapers alike! Plant them along fences and enjoy the view!

red_tip_photiniaRed-Tip Photinia (Photinia x fraseri):These medium-sized evergreen shrubs are densely foliaged with dark green leaves that burst with bright burgundy colors in early spring, creating a show that adds plenty of curb appeal! Their dramatic foliage colors are just one reason why we love them so much. We like to plant them down property lines and in side-yards because their dense growth habit makes them ideally suited for use as a colorful privacy hedge or screen! This very showy shrub is cold hardy so that it can survive when the cooler temperatures arrive.

Click Here For Your Free Watering Guide!

Professional Landscape Design Consultations!

Are you ready for a beautiful new yard so that you can amaze your holiday guests, but you don’t know where to start? Visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and take advantage of our free landscape design consultations or for a small fee we will be glad to come to your location. With Moon Valley Nurseries, it cannot get any easier to create a new look for your yard, one that dazzles and can help increase property value! We have the best selection of premium-quality, custom-grown trees, and shrubs, all value engineered so that you can get the bigger trees at the lowest price – guaranteed! And with #freeplanting, there is no reason to wait!

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Mexican Fan Palms: Arizona’s Tree of the Week

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/16/2017

mexican_fan_palm_farmThe Mexican Fan Palm is our tree of the week in Arizona! These local favorites are a staple in our area, where their appearance brings a relaxing, calming influence on avenues and yards throughout Arizona! These graceful palms are well adapted to the heat and low humidity, and we like to plant them in groups for a tropical effect or as a lawn specimen or street tree. And yes, these beautiful palms can bring the look of the tropics home when young too!

mexican_fan_palm_multi_trunkMexican Fan Palm care is quite easy as these are low-maintenance plants so that anyone can take care of them. In fact, their easy-to-care-for attributes make them a favorite for poolside planting, where their reflection in mirror-smooth water adds to the calming ambiance of your backyard retreat! If you want to make a dramatic statement, you can choose to have our nursery pro’s skin the trunk for a ‘cigar cut’ effect that gives them a more formal appearance and is sure to attract the right attention! We also have the Mexican Fan Palm for sale with this prestigious look!

Plant a few Mexican Fan Palms in your landscape and get ready to enjoy the good life. Knowing how to care for Washingtonia robusta means that you can keep enjoying everything these fan palms offer. The great news is that it’s easy and we make it even easier by breaking it down for you! Keep on reading so you can know how to care for Mexican Fan Palms! It's a breeze!

Mexican Fan Palms ARe ALL Grown On our Farms!

It’s true. We are the growers of superior Washingtonia robusta so that we can assure their quality is the best you’ll find anywhere! In fact, no other nursery in the world can touch our specimens! We have been growing the highest-quality palms from our prized stock so that they develop stronger, are hardier, and are also much more resistant to disease than palms sold at other nurseries! Visit our nurseries today and see them for yourself!

Exposure and Where to Plant

These palms like to grow in a location with partial shade to full sun exposure. Though they will grow in a spot with partial shade, full sun is ideal and will bring out the best growth. Plant them in an open space so that everyone can enjoy the view!

How to Water

A newly planted Mexican Fan Palm can be deeply watered and allowed to dry between watering. Once established, these fast-growing palms require little to moderate water. We recommend fertilizing in the spring and then again in mid-summer. Use our Super Charged Moon Juice and our Super Palm Juice for spectacular results! Click Here For Your Free Watering Guide!

mexican_fan_palms_skinnedHow to Trim

Pruning these palms is a matter of personal taste. If you have a younger, smaller palm, you can prune them yourself. Trimming a mature palm is best suited for a professional. Some people prefer to keep the fronds hanging on the trunk beneath the canopy, for a look that makes it seem like they are wearing a skirt. Others prefer a cleaner look, so if you like the cleaner look then occasional grooming will keep these palms looking nice and neat. We sell these palms with the cigar cut already in place, and we also offer professional “shaving” on the trunks so that it lends a formal appearance. Be sure to ask us about this service.

Free planting makes it easy to have these beautiful palm specimens in your yard. We do the work so that you can come home to a beautiful new yard!

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Fruiting Olive VS Fruitless Olive Trees: Which Do You Need?

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/9/2017

Olive_trees_farmFruiting olive and fruitless olive tree varieties have a lot of things in common. They are both spectacular landscape trees that can provide shade, and both have a sculptural, multi-trunk structure that helps make them living works of art in any landscape. In fact, along with palms, they are practically a trademark along avenues and gardens throughout California and southern Arizona. Their soft, willow-like gray-green foliage complements most colors, and as they age, their smooth gray branches and trunks become gnarled, making them picturesque trees just begging to be highlighted with nighttime landscape lighting.


Moon_valley_nursery_superior_olive_treeThe one BIG difference, of course, is that the fruitless olive tree does not bear any fruit and produces no pollen! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we sell “certified fruitless varieties,” such as the Wilsonii olive tree, so that anyone can enjoy these beautiful specimens! The Wilsonii olive tree is one of the best fruitless varieties you can find, and we sell certified disease-free trees too so that you can have these beautiful landscape olive trees ready to add curb appeal and bring lots of shade to your yard! You can rest easy when buying our certified olive trees!

_olives_oil.pngOlive is a fruit, a tasty, delicious one that can be eaten whole or pressed for oil. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing the best-quality fruiting olive tree varieties for decades! And unlike other types of olive trees, such as those that are from the Central Valley Region in California, these types of olive trees we sell are certified disease-free and grown and nurtured on the largest local olive tree farm, located in Southern California! We have beautiful Manzanillo and Mission olives, two of the most popular varieties prized for their culinary use and oil!

Where Do Olives Grow

If you are looking for an iconic Mediterranean tree that thrives in areas with hot, dry summers but also perform well in coastal areas, you cannot go wrong with any of the olive trees from Moon Valley Nurseries! Fruitless or fruiting – we got you covered! Be sure to purchase our guaranteed disease-free olives, not those other less superior olives from the Central Valley area!

These trees love to grow in the coastal areas of California. After all, our climate is very similar to that of their native land – the Mediterranean. They can grow on hillsides, and when fully developed, they can provide a great deal of shade! We like to plant them to line a driveway, and if you plan to grow them along a path, you’ll probably want to go with a fruitless variety such as Wilsonii. Of course, both types of olive trees are drought-tolerant once established so that they are ideal for any landscape in California! As a bonus, when properly cared for, these trees can live for hundreds of years so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come!

manzanillo_oliveManzanillo Olive (Olea europaea ‘Manzanillo’): One of the best, high-quality olive fruit producing trees you can find is the Manzanillo! A natural fit in dry climates, these trees are cold hardy and resistant to high summer heat. They are self-fruitful and bear the famous rich black and green olives that can be pickled or pressed for oil. These are excellent picking fruit, whether green or black and have the superb taste and texture that is loved by people all over the world. In fact, these olives are noted as being one of the best table varieties. We recommend planting a second one nearby for the best fruit production. They are also excellent shade trees thanks to a tight growth pattern that creates a full crown and a look that can complement almost any architectural style. These certified disease-free olives are the perfect choice for adding year-round interest to any water-wise landscape design!

mission_oliveMission Olive (Olea europaea ‘Mission’): We grow these disease-free Mission Olive trees just north of Temecula in Southern California so that they are ready to thrive in any landscape. This evergreen variety is a cultivar of olive that was developed in California, by the Spanish missions in the late 18th century along El Camino Real, hence the name. This cultivar is also a favorite for olive oil producers and is a standard table olive in households and restaurants throughout the world. Like other types of olive trees, these can grow to be medium-sized and when fully grown can provide a generous amount of shade. We like to plant them in locations that could benefit from a beautiful shade tree. This attractive evergreen is a must-have in any edible landscape! Water-wise and ready to bring plenty of year-round interest!


Fruitless Olive (Olea europaea ‘Wilsonii’): These certified fruitless strains and disease-free olives have grown their entire lives in the hot and dry inland climate, so they are a far superior choice than those from the California Central Valley region. They can grow to be medium-sized trees so that they are the perfect fit for any landscape! These evergreens can grow with a wide-spreading canopy so that they are also ideal as a shade tree or used as a silhouette against structures! Plus, they can tolerate a variety of soils, including poor, stony, shallow soils, so we like to plant them in a location where they are sure to add plenty of year-round interest. They also have the impressive multi-trunk structure that makes them an excellent choice for exhibition by landscape lighting, where they add drama and curb appeal to any yard!

Moon Valley Nurseries is the grower of these ancient trees so that we can assure their quality is the best you'll find anywhere! We are responsible growers, which is why we only sell certified disease-free olive trees and certified fruitless strains! We have a massive inventory and a premium-quality selection so that homeowners, contractors, businesses, parks and city municipalities can have the perfect trees for the perfect spot!

#FREEPLANTING makes it easy to have a dream landscape with edible fruit or landscape trees handpicked by you and planted by our professional planting crew! Let us do the work so that you can come home to a beautiful new yard!


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How to Care for Raywood Ash

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/7/2017

raywood_ash_fall_colorThe Raywood Ash is our tree of the week for Arizona! We love these deciduous trees, and they put on a spectacular show when their beautiful dark green leaves transform to a deep burgundy color that is sure to get your yard noticed for all the right reasons! Also, since it’s deciduous, you’ll have an easy one time clean up! Of course, what we really love about them is that they can grow to be a beautiful tree with a canopy that is capable of providing plenty of widespread cooling shade when we need it most – in the summer!

Raywood Ash Love to Grow in Arizona!

Raywood Ash, (Fraxinus oxycarpa ‘Raywood’) trees are tolerant of strong winds so that they are ideal for growing in our area. Also, compared to other Ash species, they are more tolerant of dry soils. Take care of this beautiful tree, and it will reward you and your landscape for years!

Exposure and Where to Plant

These trees love to grow in a location that receives full sun exposure. Full sun exposure amounts to at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. These are well-suited as a spectacular lawn specimen and shade tree, so plant one now and enjoy the view!

How to Water

These trees are vigorous, fast-growers. A newly planted Raywood Ash can be deeply watered and allowed to dry between watering. Once established, these can be an excellent tree for any water-wise landscape. Click Here For Your Free Watering Guide!

How to Trimtree_trimming

Remember being a kid and drawing trees that looked like a lollipop? The Raywood Ash is one such tree and knowing how to trim one correctly will ensure that it looks fantastic all year long! If you’ve got a young tree, you’ll want to prune it in late fall to establish a central leader.

You will want to prune to remove any crossing, rubbing, or other branches that may need to be removed for optimal growth and health.

  • When removing branches, always trim back to the point of origin and make sure your cut is made on green-wood. Scrape away a thin strip of bark and look for brown wood underneath. Green wood is healthy wood.
  • You’ll want to trim back any damaged branches to a lateral branch and do this at least 6-inches into healthy wood. Also, to prevent any scrape wounds you’ll want to eliminate crossing branches.
  • If you see big scaffold branches directly opposite of each other, this can weaken the structure of the tree. You'll want to encourage the formation of other lateral branches spaced evenly. To do this remove whichever opposite branch is the weaker one.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Garden Clippers
  • Pruning Saw

Tip: Wrapping the trunk in the summer is an excellent way to keep these trees healthy during the hottest times of the year!

If you don’t have the time, tools, or the skills required to trim you can always leave the trimming to our professional care division. Set up an appointment anytime and our professional crew will be glad to care for your tree properly.

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Financing to Fit Your Needs!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/3/2017


Complete Your Purchase Before the Holidays!

financing_dream_landscapeIs a new and beautiful landscape the number one thing on your holiday wish list? Do you dream of a beautiful yard that you can be proud of showing to your neighbors and family? We’ve got good news! We offer financing to fit your needs so that you can complete your whole purchase before the holidays! An instant landscape awaits, and with Moon Valley Nurseries it’s more affordable than you might think!

Why Use Our Financing

We get it. It’s not so easy to part with so much of your hard-earned money. The thing is, you really want to make your dream landscape a reality. After all, investing in your home is always smart, and a beautiful yard is a sure-fire way to increase property value! You can finance through the GreenSky program, and with credit limits up to $55,000, you can quickly and easily transform any size yard! And what makes this avenue even better is that you can make payments over time. Through GreenSky, we offer two options so that you can pick the plan that is right for you, making monthly payments that you can afford!

Funding a home improvement project via GreenSky allows you to conserve your money and your equity. And unlike many credit cards, funding a project with us means you can typically get a lower interest rate. In fact, we are now offering 12 months special financing with approved credit on any purchases of nursery product of $499 or more! Ok! So now that you went through the quick and easy application process and you’ve been approved, you don't need to wait to get the planting started! Finance your order, and you can get your trees planted at the right time of the year! This includes the big trees that provide shade, beauty, and help create an instant landscape that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood! Keep smiling because you’ll have that immediate landscape that yields instant gratification and do it without breaking the bank!

Tip: Nothing is due at signing!finance_backyard_paradise

An Instant Landscape Is Easy with Our Package Deals!

bundle_package_deals_Thanks to our package deals, it cannot get any easier to get an instant landscape today! You may have seen our packages as part of our direct mailers or perhaps you’ve seen our colorful ads in the newspaper with a variety of amazing package deals. Haven't you seen them? Well, maybe you missed it. That's ok because you can always click on our specials tab on the left side of our website, and doing this will also show you the incredible package deals catered to where you live! We’ve got you covered with the best package deals in town, whether you live in Arizona, California, or Nevada! And, you can always create your own personalized custom package deal, and our landscape design experts and nursery professionals will be glad to help! We’ve got HOA packages for our Arizona customers too (for the communities of Mountain Bridge, The Village, and Blackstone)! Once you’ve been approved, our package deals are waiting to be installed in your yard by our professional planting crew!

Free Landscape Design Consultations at Our Nurseries!customer_landscape_design

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Brazilian Pepper Tree Care Guide

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/2/2017

brazilian_pepper-1.jpgThe Brazilian Pepper is our tree of the week in Arizona! It’s easy to see why, after all, the Brazilian Pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius) offers year-round beauty and is the perfect medium-to-large-sized tree for patios and in any garden setting. Its beautiful dark green foliage provides a picturesque backdrop for the showy bright red berries that appear in winter, just in time for the holiday season! This evergreen tree is a favorite in the summer too, thanks to an umbrella-shaped canopy that provides plenty of shady relief. And here in Arizona, we could use as much shade coverage as we can get during those blistering hot days!


Brazilian Pepper Tree -  A Natural Fit for Arizona Landscapes!

No doubt about it, the Brazilian Pepper loves the heat, so it’s a natural fit for any yard in Arizona. We like to plant them as a focal point in front yards, where they are sure to add curb appeal! They are a fantastic addition to any size yard, just give them plenty of room to grow so that everyone can enjoy their colorful appearance all year long. We have specimens available in both single-trunk or multi-trunk form. Visit any of our Arizona nurseries today, and we will be glad to help you handpick the perfect Brazilian Pepper for the perfect spot in your yard!

Brazilian_pepper_backyardYes, once you have a Brazilian Pepper tree established, they are easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance trees. Here are some tips and suggestions so that you can keep your new tree looking healthy and vibrant! With a little TLC, you can enjoy the view of this colorful tree for years to come! Shade, beauty, year-round privacy, this Brazilian Pepper offers all this and more!

Exposure and Where to Plant 

Your Brazilian Pepper tree loves to grow in a spot that gets plenty of full sun exposure. These trees love the heat too, so they are perfectly suited for the warmest parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California. We also like to plant them so that they can create a natural privacy screen.

How to Water 

Brazilian Pepper trees are waterwise so that once established they can thrive with little to moderate water. This tree does best in a location with good drainage and aeration. Water as needed. Click Here For Your Free Watering Guide!

How to Trim 

Pruning is an excellent way to thin out their canopies and doing so may prevent them from invading other areas. You can prune these trees any time of the year. However, for best results and the betterment of your health, avoid pruning during the hottest summer months!

First, you’ll want to disinfect your tools with a 10-percent bleach solution. Next, cut all root suckers, leaving only one main vertical trunk on the tree. Using the bypass pruners, you'll want to cut branches up to ½-inch thick, use lopping shears for branches ½ to 1 ½ inches thick, and a pruning saw for branches that are larger than 1.5-inches in diameter.

brazilian_pepper_tree.pngPrune to Create a Relaxing Shade Spot: If you clear space under the tree, you can walk under it and enjoy the shade - great for an outdoor family picnic or respite from the blistering sun! To do this, you will want to cut off some lateral branches from the tree’s main trunk. Be sure to make each cut just outside the branch union, which is where the branch meets the main trunk.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Bucket or some other container
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Bypass pruners
  • Lopping shears
  • Pruning saw

If you don’t have the time or the skills, you can always leave the trimming to our professional tree care division. Call them anytime to set up an appointment so that you can have your trees cared for properly.

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Best Time to Plant Palms

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 11/2/2017

palms_calming_naturePalms, we love them. Just the sight of them can bring back memories of the time you got away from it all when you got to lay in a hammock, surrounded by their fronds gently swaying in the tropical breeze, refreshing beverage in hand without a care in the world. Yea, these type of trees can give you that feeling, which is why they are such a favorite with us here on the mainland too – we want to feel like we’re on vacation even though we’re enjoying ourselves by just hanging out in our yard!

Besides their calming influence, these trees can improve the look of any landscape too. And as we all know; a beautiful yard equates to greater curb appeal as well as an increase in property value! Best of all, you can plant them any time of the year and caring for them is a breeze!

One of the great things about these trees is their versatility. You can find some growing in the wild in the Colombian jungles as high as 200 feet, and there are those that never get above 12 feet in height. There are some with underground trunks or branches that are clustering low to the ground that gives them a full and bushy appearance and are an excellent choice for ground cover or to divide properties. You can grow one indoors, such as Rhapis, and use them to add a tropically vibe to a room or plant them in groupings and use them as one of the most magnificent tropical hedges you can find! Single trunk or multi-trunk, there are varieties for every taste!

Proper placement is an important thing to consider before planting your new tree. Some of these trees need more sun than shade, and you’ll want to be sure that you don’t plant a shade loving one in a location that gets too much afternoon sun. Don’t worry though because the Moon Valley Nurseries experts have got you covered and know all about these trees and where to properly place them in your yard. And with free planting available on all box size trees, it cannot get any easier to improve your landscape!

Exposure: most young ones prefer growing in a shady location. As they grow, they can thrive in full sun or partial shade. We recommend moving an indoor one outdoors periodically in a spot with soft light.

Watering: irrigate newly planted trees often until established. Once established, they have little to moderate watering needs.Click Here For Your Free Watering Guide!

Feeding: these kind of trees have special nutrient requirements and our Moon Valley Nurseries Super Palm Juice is specially formulated with the essential nutrients required to optimize their performance!

Pruning: some varieties can shed the old leaf bases on their own. Others, such as Syagrus and Chamaedorea, may hold old bases and you can remove them by slicing them off at the very bottom of the base, just be careful not to cut into the trunk.


Palms That Can Grow in Your Area

queen_palms_piruQueen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana ‘Piru’): We grow these exclusively from Argentine seedlings, with better genetic traits so that they have thicker and harder trunks, as well as greener fronds than other Queen's do! We like to use them to complement all types of architectural homes and buildings, and their dark green fronds can provide a right amount of shade coverage too! Use them to create the most attractive tropical hedge you can find so that you can create your backyard paradise!


king_palmsKing Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae, California only): Clean and stately, we like to use single trunk or multi-trunk specimens as the perfect focal point in any front yard! These majestic beauties are also incredible looking when planted around pools or used in water gardens. Sure to add a tropical feeling anywhere you plant one! Enjoy a California sunset while it creates an awesome silhouette without blocking your view!


canary_island_palm_pineapple_palmCanary Island or Pineapple Palm (Phoenix canariensis): Elegant, luxurious, impressive - one look at a Phoenix canariensis and it’s easy to see why it’s been called one of the most alluring trees in the world. We have stunning specimens available with trunks featuring the diamond-shaped pattern that signifies class and elegance. When planted in groups they can provide beautiful tropical shade! A low-maintenance plant too!



Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera): If you are looking to add a formal, luxury-resort style look to your landscape, you cannot go wrong with a Phoenix dactylifera! The classic tree of the desert oasis is also the classic tree of the Southwest! These majestic plants offer a cool umbrella of shade when planted in groups and rows! You’ll often find them adorning upscale resorts, high-class shopping areas, and grand estates!



medfan.pngMediterranean Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis): This dwarf tree is ideal for adding a tropical appearance to a smaller space! Available as single-trunk or multi-trunk, these are a must-have in any backyard paradise or Mediterranean yard. They can tolerate both heat and cold and are also a perfect addition near swimming pools, walkways, patios or as a focal point!


Moon Valley Nurseries grows and nurtures all kinds of trees and other plants so that they are ready to thrive in your yard, whether you live in Arizona, Nevada, or California. And at our Palm Paradise location in Escondido, California, you can find the rarest, harder-to-find specimens grown and nurtured by our tree experts. So, if you love these trees as much as we do, a visit to our Palm Paradise nursery is a must!

 Click Here! Free Queen Palm Care Guide!

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